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    Quote Originally Posted by Infinity View Post
    Well, thats because the PSP has much more space on a game card then the DS, which means the graphics will pretty much always be much better...However, in my opinion, both of the games look great. I personally like playing on the DS more, but again, that is my opinion.
    No I just mean like...I dunno, I'm much more excited for Birth by Sleep. PSP players get to experience part of the new storyline. I wonder what 358/2 Days will introduce...


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    I think it introduces the whole Roxas part of the story, while Sora was asleep for that on year or whatever it was. At least, thats what I think I heard...

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    the psp one will be the shits, if youve seen the secret ending for khII final mix, its a trailer for the psp game. fuckin awesome. i do wanna try the multiplayer version for the ds though,[ame=]YouTube - The full Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix Secret Trailer[/ame]

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    one of my fav series a must play cant wait for it to lunch any one play Final Mix?
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    i think you can find the details on gamespot just type in kingdom hearts and itll show u them

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    KH3 is already being made, and apparently wil be released after vsXIII

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    Quote Originally Posted by tatsukai1990 View Post
    i cant wait for the ds and the psp ones to come out, cousin works at squeenix and he said the english versions is on the trans list for late 2008. meaning there gunna start translating it next year, late next year
    Lols, i haven't heard that name for a very long time.

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    Sounds good, thank you.

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