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Why did Oda give Pekoms lower bounty than pre TS Kidd? Well why did Oda give Luffy a higher bounty than Caribo? Its clear that the are a lot of people who got bounties that they they deserve too so we can only assume on how most people got their bounties. And Kid's high bounty was already explained. It's not because of his sole strength but because what he has done to civilians.
Kidd was just an example.The point is that Pekoms bounty was in the range of the supernovas.

And the logic you used to explain why Kidd has a higher bounty than Pekoms can give you the answer as for why Enel could have a higher bounty than Enel despite being weaker.

Ok, now at least you agree that Enel can be more dangerous than Jinbei. That's what I'm trying to say all along. If he just fights smart and start the fight in a distance then Enel would beat him. So saying Jinbei, one shotting Enel is the only possible outcome is not true. And let's be honest here, Enel is just a bad match up for Jinbei. His water techniques can be used against him. He'll be limited to his karate(if Jinbei hit him with his best karate technique then it's a different story).
Yes from a large distance he is.He'd also be a much,much greater threat to the civilians and the WG going by his insane personality,while Jimbe despite being strong and famous he isnt actually threating anyone.You just answered this with the Kidd-Pekoms comparison that you made.

So tell me what can Enel do to avoid this one shot?He cant react to Jimbe's attacks nor can he tank them.He would deal him some damage if Jimve was far,far away but thats all.

Yes Hal, Airicks is correct. You're selling him short by saying Jinbei or Sanji would just one shot him like Enel has no chance to win.
I'm not.He has a chance,but its like 0.1%.
That's practically what I'm saying. Offense wise he's up there but his defense puts him just under the upper part of the high-tier group given he drops the god thingy and be smart. This is also what I think of Oda saying 500 mil "at the most" coz Enel will never be on par with guys like Akainu defensively. So I feel like it's the ceiling for the high tiers.

If he was on the upper high tier,he would be somewhat close to the top-tiers.But we know for a fact that any top-tier can stomp him with ease.Thus he isnt close to them,so he isnt upper high tier.End of story.

I'll quote myself again:

His physical stats are on the same general level as pre TS gearless Luffy-Fact.
Current Luffy is dozens of time stronger than that-Fact.
In the NW everyone and their mothers have haki-Obvious.
All top-tiers have haki-Painfully obvious.
All top-tiers are leagues above current Luffy/Jimbe level people- Fact

Conclusion:Any top-tier can stomp Enel.Its not rocket science.
Is anything i'm saying here false?

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^^When you mentioned that Enel's advantage of using his haki from afar is useless up close, what makes you think that Enel would allow himself to get up close, he is kinda the speed of lightning.
Enel has good speed only in going from one place to another.His combat speed sucks as evident by the fact that he couldnt lolblitz Luffy,nor evade his attacks with utter ease.He can

All this said Enel needs some serious Haki training to compete with the mid lvl Vice Admirals or stronger. Don't get me wrong, he is extremely dangerous, it's just that he isn't on the same level as people like Marco.

Firefirst Ace would probably end up in a long as drawn out stalemate against him, kinda like he did with Jimbe. Ace is still stronger then Enel but his Haki hasn't been shown to be strong enough to take Enel out.
Thats because we never had the chance to see his haki.