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This is my take on what will happen: Law will change the hearts of Luffy's Group just like he did with Sanji's group, thus the Straw Hats will have to fight this set of baddies while in their crew-mate's body. With that, non of them will be strong enough for Law(unless Zoro and Luffy switch bodies), Thus a rematch with Smoker and Law. Smoker wins, Straw Hats change back, Law escapes, Bounties increase, bonds strengthen, Smoker chooses to chase Luffy over Law. Next arc: New Nakama.

The reason I say a smoker vs law rematch is because I just can't picture any of the Straw Hats fighting Law. Only three people have the right to even challenge Law at this point; Smoker, Tashigi and the Samurai. Tashigi would just get owned again and Smoker and the samurai are out of commission. Maybe a tag team of Smoker and the Samurai?
Who's your pick on the new nakama?