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In other words, you do foresee a Successfull termination of edo Tensei, before the Kages are all slaughtered, probably with the death of Tsuchikage and/or Raikage.

Question is what becomes of Sasuke after the Kabuto fight?

I am guessing that Sasuke will become more hatefull and resume his bitter grudge against Konoha once Itachi disappears.There still has to be a Sasuke vs Naruto fight. It is possible that Sasuke will end the fight with Kabuto, then speed over to where Naruto vs Tobi is. I don't think that Sasuke will be redeemed anytime too soon.
I think Sasuke will meet up with his old team shortly after Kabuto is finished. Karin can sense his presence (though who knows where she'll go after she breaks out of her cell), Juugo can talk to animals, and Suigetsu can feel presences based on rain/water, so they'll have no trouble finding him. By then Itachi will have disappeared, leaving Sasuke some ambiguous words about "walking his own path" (and possibly some added info about Tobi/the Uchiha Massacre). Then, who should appear, but Suigetsu, carrying Oro's Secret Scroll. With Kabuto dead, Sasuke will inherit that information, giving him another weapon / leverage against Tobi.

I think with that power, Sasuke will try to make his own vengeance, rather than relying on Tobi and being manipulated. He's always tried to convince himself/others that he's not being used in Tobi's plans, but rather is using Tobi. He said the same thing back when he relied on Orochimaru for power. Before, Tobi had Itachi's eyes, and also forced Sasuke into various fights... Tobi no longer has anything Sasuke needs. Naruto and Sasuke will want to fight each other on their own terms, not Tobi's, and I think once they've each mastered their power, they'll do just that. In Naruto's battle, he's gaining influence over Tobi's collection of Tailed Beasts by merging his chakra with them. Sasuke will do something similar once he has Oro's info (possibly to the Zetsu, or to the Gedo Statue, or some other critical part of Tobi's plans).