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    Naruto Naruto Chapter 580 : "Brothers' Time"

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    hmm im a bit disappointed by this chapter, we had only 1 attack from kabuto (the sword strike doesnt count) which ill admit was very impressive to take on sharingan users, but i expected more and the short chapter didnt help at all :/

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    Senior Member Kenny Bones's Avatar
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    This chapter was a just beautiful. Firstly, when Kabuto used the vibrations jutsu (which somebody predicted actually), the art style was amazingly awesome. The chapter as a whole was very nicely drawn. The attack and flashbacks combined was a unique way of storytelling as well. Kabuto was right, they don't know each other that well. So that flashback was kinda needed. And the scene with Itachi turning into crows and slashing Kabuto was epic

    I like Itachi's susanoo better than Sasuke's :p

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    Scanlator POW's Avatar
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    - Kabuto's attack using sight and sound was clever at least for countering the Sharingan

    - I can only assume Sasuke meeting up with Itachi was to help him move back to the light remembering his bonds.

    - The fight was interesting though the chapter felt a bit short

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    Senior Member Perverted Pirate's Avatar
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    So Kabuto can reclaim control/possibly end the Edo T by changing the code in Itachis head? That'll probably be the way to end it.
    The chapter felt kind of short and feels kinda like it's Itachi that's brining back Sasuke(to the light), which shouldn't be the case.
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    Pervy Sage bluntman_exe's Avatar
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    this chapter did indeed feel brief. But it advanced the battle somewhat

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    Global Moderator Jaiden's Avatar
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    Brotherly cooperation seems to be going well. Good chapter.

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    Senior Member thebulk's Avatar
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    Not bad i havent seem sasuke use teamwork with anyone since team 7...n i guess this does show that there is some room for redemption for this guy...i think? haha i like happy endings lol

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    Not bad... The same ending as previous week. De vibration jutsu was awesome! This is what I like from the manga Naruto, there is no limit if it comes to jutsus.

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    Hee Hee Hee XD aggeroff's Avatar
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    Pretty good chapter, though the boars thing was just prolonging this fight.
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