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    --Glad to see the subtle* hints that they'll pick this up again at some point in the future
    *subtle=Mack truck with horns blaring

    --Glad to see clearer confirmation that Tsukishima did, in fact, die. Would've been too retarded if he didn't. And he got a much better send-off here.

    --Sad to see that they completely omitted the Chuck-E-Cheese-Ginjou smiling shot. It was superbly drawn in the manga, and did a lot to humanize Ginjou in the end. Spent the rest of the episode after he died waiting for it :-(


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    Haha yet i like how they left the not so subtle hints that it could possibly return in the future. Still one of the best animations out there i have yet to see any others that come close of late. N was it me or did they cut out the backstories of chars like giriko n jackie n the kid? But just as well it didnt seem that impt anyway.

    Nice that it ended on a somewhat touching note, really gonna miss all those times when i used to come back from sch n the 1st thing i did was to go n watch the episode online on weds haha...memories of my youth...

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    Goodbye bleach, goodbye to one of the most amazing things my ever witnessed, dont think they will ever create anything like this again, liked the hint at the end that ichigo will return one day, i hope kubo decides to revisit this anime a few years down the line,
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    I never posted on this forum, but since this anime is ending I wanted to say it was a good run.

    I remember first watching Bleach when it was being released by Dattebayo (the good old days) - it was during the arc Ichigo goes to Soul Society to save Rukia.. And back then I thought Bleach was one of the best anime ever - however truth be told I haven't watched Bleach since the Bount Arc (although I read the manga), I only read the manga now because it doesn't take 23minutes..

    I am not a critic but I think Bleach (at least for me) got stale... by episode 50ish Ichigo was able to use his Bankai, which at the time I thought was awesome - now I think it ruined it, since Bankai is the highest power a shimigami can attain there is no good reason a 17year old boy who has had powers 6months should be able to use it.

    Anyways, it had a good run, with any other long running anime I'm sorry to see it go.
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