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Implication of the Kabuto fight:

-This is more speculation on my part, but Sasuke might become a master snake sage after this battle, which would him put on par with Naruto in a particular way. Why? Well Naruto has finally reached the pinnacle of his power as the kyuubi jinchuuriki, and Sasuke likewise has reached the pinnacle of power of an uchiha by attaining the EMS(the ultimate sharingan); this is important because they are paralleled very much the same way Jiraiya and Orochimaru were. Yet we know this is not the end of their growth, Naruto in particular has been foreshadowed combining his frog sage mode with kyuubi mode, which will take him beyond hat it means to be a jinchuuriki. Sasuke likewise, to face Naruto, has to go beyond what it means to be an uchiha; we all know Sasuke will need an additional upgrade, but what. People theorize that he will gain the rinnegan or become synched to the gedo statue like Nagato did; I highly doubt the second option. But Sasuke won't have to gain the rinnegan just yet; since He might still attain the rinnegan simply to fulfill what it means to be a doujutsu holder, just like Naruto becoming the jinchuuriki of the Juubi would be the ultimate epitome of what it is to be a jinchuurki and his final upgrade; but anyways, Sasuke can simply become a master snake mode which would augment his eyes(EMS), and not only put him on par with Naruto's frog sage-kyuubi mode, but solidify the parallels between the two, especially since this snake sage mode is seems to be such a dark alternative to Naruto's frog sage mode, it fits perfect for the two rivals. Also, Sasuke's body is already accustomed not only to the curse seal but Juugo's chakra, and to add to that, Sasuke once had access to the power of the white snake and was able to use it accordingly; the removal of the imperfect curse seal(along with Orochimaru) gave Sasuke the opportunity, plot-wise, to familiarize his body to those energies and eventually becoming a snake sage by his own right. I think this would be extra sweet, and make Naruto's and Sasuke's battle all the more epic. Sasuke shed his scales to become a hawk(why not become a dragon) but plot-wise, he shouldn't have lost what he gained from Orochimaru; Naruto draws upon everything he gained from his teachers(kakashi, Jiraiya) and family(Minato and Kushina), Sasuke should retain and draw upon the same from his(Kakashi, Orochimari, and Itachi). Having the frog sage mode to enhance Naruto's kyuubi jinchuuriki powers is going to be raw, Sasuke having a snake sage mode to augment his EMS powers would be pretty cool to see as well!

Seriously, EMS-snake sage mode Sasuke(with horns) vs Kyuubi-frog sage Naruto would be awesome!.
I don't look forward reading the posts from mindless sasuke haters; but would like to hear thoughts from the more unbiased and intellectually contributing members of mangashare, no offense almara :]