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    i think this chapter showed only the end of nightmare luffy vs. oz ! this fight was just too short, and moria being taken out that "easily" ...

    every time i see a chapter by oda, i'm impressed that he can finish his chapters in one week. look at all the details. do his assistants do the background work ?

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    I'm willing to bet Moria switched with his shadow at the last second.

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    It ain't over. Nightmare Luffy was disappointing, even though he was powerful. I wanted to see him use more sword abilities for some reason, even though I'm not a swordsman fan.
    Excuse me, may I see yo panties?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Archiel View Post
    Can it really be true, is the Thriller Bark arc really and truly finished, thank god, I loved the humor of it but still I thought it could have been better. As long as they can make it to a more important stop in their journey next.

    damnz, i've been hoping for a chapter like that for quite some time, and I think that it's a good possibility given that Kuma has broken the news that Blackbeard is the new Shichibukai.
    hehe i agree with you but i doubt this is over yet, quite suspicious to end quickly like this. If it's not over, this is looking bad for straw hats with luffy, sanji, zoro unconscious. I still wonder how they are gonna get back their shadows.. maybe if moria eats salt, that would be easy :^)

    But i really hope thriller bark is over!

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    Well, it seems the fight is over, but there's still a few questions to be answered. Most importantly, Kuma originally came to talk to Luffy. My guess is it's about his brother, so I'm wondering what's going to happen with that.

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    Didn't Kuma originally came to talk to Moria? I thought he talked about Ace only because he came across with Nami.

    Whatever, I suppose there'll be a conversation (not fight) between Kuma and Luffy or at least with Kuma and Nami/Usopp (since the others are sleeping or beaten/injured).

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    kuma came to make sure no more shibibukai's are beaten by Luffy so is DEFINATELY joining the battle. Although it was quick, this fight was in no way easy. All the crew was beaten to a pulp and regular luffy would had been annihilated if not for the 100 shadows power up. I do think Moria switch with his shadow at last minute but as usual Oda-sama doesnt follow a regular pattern lol everyone though Luffy was going to use gear 2 and 3 for sure and it wasnt even needed.
    im still hoping moria gets up and tags teams with kuma so luffy and his crew have to escape... it just aint right that if Luffy meets a shibibukai, strawhats win. Eagle eyes took zoro down like he was nothing and Luffy would have died and suddenly people in that rank are no match for Luffy anymore? COMMON!

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    im glad for once in a manga that when they say "he only has about 2 or 3 minutes left" that it doesnt drag out for 10 more chapters...... we get to see about kuma or what ever that other guys name is who looks like a bear and more importantly maybe see what happened to ace

    oh and luimac im sure that if eagleeyes were to fight moria that he would win very he is still on another level,but its been so long since zoro tried to fight him and this shows their improvement.....not too long ago oda said he is about half way finished so that means another 400 chapters are to come until luffy is top levelish

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    No please not a Kuma vs Luffy... Luffy will be defeated by his power. Because Luffy would answer his question on where he wants to go. And poff Luffy is in the land of meat!

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    Kuma joining the fight now would mean the end of Straw Hats, and there can't be 2 more Shichibukais beaten down so early, one is enough

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