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    One Piece One Piece 479 Discussion

    Guys let's talk about this chapter.. Aye!!!!

    What do you think of this chapter, is it great or not? for me this is one hell of a FIGHT.. WOO!!!

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    of course this a hell of fighting ability..that what i imagine luffy can do..but i think goria is not death yet..because is so simple 4 such sichibukai to just defeated like that..i dont know i kinda feel like there's another nakama will come to that place..shank

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    are they really gonna get their shadows back?? like what moria said,, defeating him just make tha shadows without master.. i hope Kuma doesnt show up this time,, or else everybody will be dead..

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    The thing is, Kuma probably will show up because Moria and Oz essentially got taken out in one chapter, meaning there's more conflict ahead.


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    I wonder if the Mugiwaras will actually have to kill someone for once. The way things are, the shadows still have a master; he's just unconscious.
    It's interesting that Luffy used Gomu Gomu no Storm.... That was the same move Luffy used to beat Crocodile. A pattern for defeating Shichibukai, perhaps?

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    Glad Thriller Bark ended already!

    Good chapter, of course

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    I don't think Moria is already defeated...i guess something like Kuma saving him will occur in the next chapter..(is he still on Thriller Bark ? )

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    Is it okay for Kuma to save Moria? If it is allowed, why don't ShichiBukai help their members? Is it for their pride or what?

    I can't believe it. Moria is beaten very easy, i thought that he will use his full strength in Kage Kage fruit, not just using Oz.

    All of Mugiwara's crew were beaten so badly. I hope they will survive and go to Merman Island.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Night View Post
    I don't think Moria is already defeated...i guess something like Kuma saving him will occur in the next chapter..(is he still on Thriller Bark ? )
    Well, I don't remember any villain killed by Luffy, so he will retire or something, like Crocodile. Maybe we'll see him soon in a covers ministory.

    About Merman Island, I totally forgot about it! It's gonna be great if they're really gonna go to an underwater place, I wonder how Oda will resolve the problem that humans can't breath underwater and, what's more, DF's owners became weak on and in the water...

    By the way, do you think we'll have some chapters involving Shanks, Admirals, New World or even Dragon before Straw Hats reach the next island? We had a quite interesting chapters while we were told about Dragon, Garp, New World and we saw the fight between Shanks and WB.

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    Can it really be true, is the Thriller Bark arc really and truly finished, thank god, I loved the humor of it but still I thought it could have been better. As long as they can make it to a more important stop in their journey next.

    damnz, i've been hoping for a chapter like that for quite some time, and I think that it's a good possibility given that Kuma has broken the news that Blackbeard is the new Shichibukai.


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