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    Maybe Oda decided to get this arc over with and focus on what happened to Ace and Fishmen island. And besides, if Moria isn't defeated how is Luffy and the gang gonna defeat him now that dawn is almost there? Luffy is unconscious, everyone else besides Nami and Usopp are unconscious. It seems pretty impossible to defeat Moria if he gets back up unless the arc ends right here or all the zombies and Nami/usopp gang up on Moria or Kuma decides to take out Moria himself for some unknown reason.

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    why this thing happen haa???
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    Quote Originally Posted by abraxas248 View Post
    why this thing happen haa???
    Illness, recollection of data or even having a little holiday, there are a lot of reasons why the author would not publish a chapter in one week.

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    Hey! Manga artists are human. They need breaks .

    Maybe even Manga artists get sick days...

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    I’ve been reading some of the past posts and it seems that the idea of Moria being really dead is being batted around.

    I think, in fact, if Moria is really K.O.ed that’s kinda lame... I feel that if that was his scene of defeat I think he’s officially tainted the title of Shichibukai. I dunno.. even Sir Crocodile threw more of a tantrum before he went down. Who knows, I guess things will explain themselves next week. And if Moria really is a goner, at least Kuma’s there to keep the Mugiwara’s busy. XD
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    I remember in one of the chapters moria was talking getting revenge on some1 who kicked his ass.. i'm guessing that guys gonna be the next big boss.. maybe he's a yonkou..

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    He's name was Kaidou. I think he has an important role on the future New World Arc, but he's not gonna appear as Mugiwara's enemy until long time. The next step they're gonna make is probably going to underwater island, so the question is... ¿are they gonna face another band of fishmans? ¿maybe the shichibukai Jinbei appears?

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    Please excuse my following statement and no, the following statement is not a flame bait.

    I want to see more Moria Action.

    By all means, Moria is only the third Shichibukai thus far to engage against the Straw Hats. And of the three, he is only the second Shichibukai after Crocodile to exist as an antagonist. Moria simply did not live up to the general expectation of a Shichibukai. Moria's reluctance to enter direct engagement allowed the audience little time to assess his actual combat capabilities. It is my belief that Moria is equal to, if not stronger than, normal Luffy in term of fighting capability. Why? Two reasons:

    1. Moria stated that he was overly proud and relied on his own abilities too much in the past. Due to his reliance on his own abilities, he suffered a defeat. Thereby it is logical to assume that Moria did fight with his own body in the past, until he suffered a humiliating defeat in the hand of Kaidou. And that also means Moria is definitely capable of hand to hand combat. That brings me to my second point.

    2. Dr. Hogback joined force with Moria due to Moria's Shichibukai status. Without Dr. Hogback, there can be no zombie army. Without an army, how can Moria reply on others to achieve Shichibukai status? Therefore Moria must have achieved his status as a Shichibukai using his own fighting capabilities(see argument 1, above).

    That do those two points mean? It means that Moria is capable of fighting like a Shichibukai. So now go make Mihawk proud! I bid ye to battle Luffy with all your soul, Shichibukai Gecko Moria!

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    Here is a question for you all, if Moria is defeated, will he continue being a shichibukai? Crocodile was only locked up because he was planning to get the ancient weapon and betray the government (or something like that, I don't really remember). But if Moria is defeated but isn't dead, what stops him from continuing being a shichibukai after the strawhats depart?

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    my memory is so weak.. which chapter moria said he was defeated by a guy named kaidou (i don't remember at all and i don't have the past chapters on this computer..sorry)

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