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    Cool Design your own Devil Fruit

    Like the topic said, design your own devil fruit power.

    Please don't make the devil fruit power way too outstretched.

    And remember, have fun!

    My own Fruit:

    Name: Bat Bat Fruit, Model: Macroderma gigas(Ghost Bat, largest carnivorous bat species in the world)

    Effect: The ability to transform into human-carnivorous bat or full carnivorous bat.

    Notable: Ability to perform sonic transmission. Considered within carnivorous category, thereby increases user's body size. Human/Bat has the physical appearance of a vampire. Able to fly.

    Attack: Sonic Expulsion: Super Sonic waves. Critically damaging eardrums. Direct brain damage.

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    Name: Size Size Fruit (couldn't really think of any other name)
    Type: Paramecia
    Power: User is granted the ability to change the size of any part of their body.
    Giant Roundhouse: Size of the legs is increase and a roundhouse kick is performed. The power of the kick is proportional to the size of the leg.

    And that's all I could think of.

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    lion lion fruit
    effect:Allows the user to become a lion and lion-human hybrid

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    What I always have dreamead about, and the one I think it's the most powerful...

    Toki Toki Fruit
    Type: ¿Logia?
    Effect: You can do whatever you want with the time. Stop it, make it faster, slower...

    (Toki = Time)

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    Hm... I love logias, so...
    Kaze Kaze no mi.
    Type: Logia
    What it does: The ability to freely manipulate wind, as well as moving in a sort of "wind form" or something.

    But when I think about it, it seems likely that Dragon has this kind of fruit.

    Another one:
    Chi Chi no mi or something. Blood fruit.
    Type: Logia
    What it does: I have really no idea. I mean, wtf. What do you do with blood? XD One possibility is of course the ability to harden it and such. Maybe use it like Urahara in bleach, making a blood mist shield or wtf he called it.

    Oh, and a last one:
    Chuck Norris no mi.
    Type: All three. Combined.
    Does what: Noone has ever lived after finding out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Heihouka View Post
    Oh, and a last one:
    Chuck Norris no mi.
    Type: All three. Combined.
    Does what: Noone has ever lived after finding out.

    Lol. Okay, I admit that is the best one xD.

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    Gun Gun Fruit.
    The ability to turn any part of your body into a fully-functioning life-threatening gun. The stronger you are, the better guns you will be able to morph into. Fingers could each be pistols and maybe you could turn your legs into rocket launchers. ^^ For a better name, i'd need a sound-effect guns make..

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    Name: Ha Ha Fruit
    Type: Paramecia
    Effect: Make any and all targeted victims laugh like there is no tomorrow.
    Notable: There is no defense against this. Even Rob Lucci would laugh and roll across the floor if he gets hit.
    Attack: He He blast. The victim laughs until he dies due to suffocation. What a glorious method of death.

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    light light fruit
    you can move at the speed of light
    allows you to teleport (bye bye sinking problem)
    heal yourself
    make huge flashes to annoy people lol
    blind others ;p

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    Tree tree fruit
    Turn any parts of the body into plant, no more problem for fruits, vegi and wood supply

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