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What we need now is for SS to offer Parole to Aizen in exchange for his aid against this new enemy.

Don't laugh my friends, Aizen is coming back....Mark my words.

"Aizen, Aizen, Aizen Aizen.........
Amen to that! This leader is strong he could kill arrancars by his finger! and it seems that they gave the arrancars quincy abilities... judging by ivan, though i don't know how yet.... but judging by ivans level i probably think him and that other guy who got killed are just gillian level arrancar... its like how aizen didn't worry about them getting killed....

My theory on sasakibe is that because these new guys have quincy abilities that the affect of a quincy being able to erase someone in existence is applicable towards even shinigamis... making it impossible for unohana or any gotei13 member to "fix" them back

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On the other hand, I'm glad to see Nel again. Meh at Hallibel, if the have captured Dos espada then I would have been impressed.
I'm with you on that... though Dos espada is dead and also ulquiorra....plus it seems to me that halibel is all alone now and their are a lot of vandenreich members.... we don't know how they captured her... they might have ganged up on her or what.... but seeing as how far the difference of power between aizen and halibel is... i wouldn't be impress... aizen took down halibel like he swatted a fly with so little effort... but what interest me is the ability of this leader... his finger alone can kill an arrancar... i'm not saying his on aizen level but he is quite capable of being in... although i need more situation to prove that like DEFEATING THE ENTIRE GOTEI13 SINGLE HANDED!!!!