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    六代目火影仙人 Rokudaime Sennin ™'s Avatar
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    Naruto Naruto Chapter 579 : "Brothers, Fight as one!!"

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    SIMS for short >:] StareIntoMySharingan's Avatar
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    Translation sucks; but the battle is becoming very interesting. Is kabuto now too much for the uchiha brothers!?
    And witness the sparkle within this world of darkness.

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    - lol at the splash page ...kyuubi napping

    - "Dr. Snakes" Itachi 2.0 now with jokes

    - Pretty cool to see double Susanoo

    - Naruto is related to everybody now lol , Sasuke is a distant relative, Nagato & Karin are clan's men & Tsunade is partially related by clan.

    - Ryuchidou = Snake sacred place , Myoubokuzan = Frog sacred place, so Shikkotsurin = ??? Slug Sacred place?

    - Interesting it would seem its similar to Frog sage mode in that it enhances you perception ability as well as jutsu power.

    This seems to suggest that perhaps the Frogs and Snakes come from a similar school of studying Nature energy "Sage modes". Perhaps both schools descended from the Sage of the 6 paths teachings?

    - I'm surprised the other snakes that Orochimaru used didntk now where this White Snake sage was or maybe they knew and didn't care to tell him.

    Very unexpected.

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    Yesss... Rlinfamous's Avatar
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    Kabuto's powers are bound to surprise pretty much everyone. We knew he had trump cards, but Snake Sage Mode? Hozuki Clan Powers? Uzumaki Recovery based on Karin? Pretty awesome stuff, we all wondered if other Summons besides just frogs had access to some "Sage Power"; I wonder what the strengths of Snake Sage Mode are, anyway?

    I compared Karin's healing techniques to Tsunade's before, since they're based on her chakra and the seals placed on her body. We all joked about Karin being an Uzumaki, but there was solid evidence in her case, unlike so many other redheads in the manga.

    It'd be funny if Kabuto figured out how to have his snakes gather natural energy for him to maintain Sage Mode, which is exactly what we all expected from Naruto and Kurama... maybe it's a hint of what's to come when Naruto perfects his use of Sage Mode as a Jinchuuriki. Also, I can't imagine Kabuto *actually* could master Sage Mode on his own, unless the snake version is far different from the frog version. He doesn't have the "guts to never give up", he simply has the "ability to slither to whoever has power and steal it for himself."

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    Senior Member
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    the opening page with sleeping kurama was nice, hopefully a picture of the future?
    karin is a uzumaki!!!!! i know a few people theorized it but i never took them seriously, perhaps she has a greater role to play yet.
    was there a mistake on page 8? sasuke is inside the 2 armed susanoo with the sword, whilst itachi has the 4 armed one....
    strange to see another form of sage other than toad but it makes sense that just as gamabunta has a superior, manda does too. any theories about what powers are afforded to those who become masters of snake sage?

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    it just seems stupid that there is such a thing as white snake sage mode, it just doesnt fit very well in my head. i bet that soon we'll see something like great eagle sage mode, just so that sasuke can get sage mode as well. oh well, i guess kishi can add whatever he wants, even the stuff that just seems plain stupid. i can understand that kabuto improved his body the way he did, but the sage mode is a bit out there.

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    the sanke--> dragon is pretty awesome! the another sage!
    and i am think down of kabuto, his power pass over Orochimaru!
    And Karin is uzumaki, it is a surprise, never thought it before, really serious to thought it.
    and the naruto 579, well, pretty cool!

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    Senior Member Nano's Avatar
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    POW: Both the snake sage and the Great elder sage from Toad moutain share the same hat, with a 'dragonball' on top. So it is 100% that they are related in some way.

    I know that Kabuto needed a powerup, but this seems to cheapen Naruto's sage mode, even if he has gone onto a greater power with Kurama. I guess the snake version is pretty similiar to Naruto's, which would make sense to give Sasuke practice at fighting it, as Naruto will use it when he fights Sasuke.

    Maybe Konohomaru wont need the Toads and will be fine to use sage mode which he learns from the Monkeys.

    2 x Sussano was pretty cool, but i just dont find myself getting excited over Sasuke fights as i do with Naruto.
    Quote Originally Posted by [JUiCE] View Post
    The virginity is strong in this one.

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    GAI SENSEI 4 HOKAGE bankai's Avatar
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    doing your mom
    nice chapter


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    The evidence of a Snake sage mode has been there all along. Even before Jiraiya transforms into a half human half toad sage, Orochimaro has always been snake-like. It's a wonder no one has deduced that Orochimaru is using a form of sage mode. Or maybe no one I've heard of.

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