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    Moria CG

    Hi i have modeled Gecko Moria from one piece for a school assignment and i need some thoughts on what his cloths are made of(materials and such) because i need it for texturing him.

    heres some pics of the model:

    ImageShack - Hosting :: geckomoriang7.jpg
    ImageShack - Hosting :: geckomoria2bo4.jpg

    I'm also wondering if there are anyone here that could be so kind and draw me a front and side view and a pose of Lucy from Fairy Tale. I have been wanting to make a 3D model of her for a long time but haven't had much spare time until now.

    i can provide some refs if needed.

    heres and example for a front/side view ImageShack - Hosting :: figure01yd2.jpg

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    I can't really help you, (Since I don't read One Piece much), but I can tell you that the model is coming along very nicely. 3-D modeling is way too difficult for me, I don't know how you do that kind of stuff. xD

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    Thanks thats my first real character attempt to and its always fun to hear if people like it. But haven't put that much work on it yet and i think im gonna do a little animation with it later on. and if people show more interest i can continue to post pics/renders of the model.

    Still need some tips on what materials his cloths can be made of :/

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