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    Bleach 366: Changing History, Unchanging Heart

    The episode is out, you can grab it on torrent or DDL from
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    And so ends the bleach anime...

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    Bleach is one of the best animated series, I have yet to see anything as epic as Ichigo Vs Ulquiorra

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    u mean ichigo vs I had to change my pants after watching pantera animated for the 1st time. Im really gonna miss one of the best sword stories ever animated out there, as well as the way they did shunpo. All the memories, being my weekly companion during my schooling days...just wow. Really gonna miss it i really hope they do a inuyasha for the last arc this series deserves so much more.

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    i dont think Bleach will end just like that i would say it will go out with a bang not like this

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    Yes thats true i havent seen anything close to that epic scene

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    This, THIS !!! Is how animators that like the series are doing it . Man, really they have done such a great job of animating Bleach and the last ep, just wow, they were like "Can't use excessive blood ? Fu*k this, this is the last episode and we are going to make a beautiful blood coming from those characters and a beautiful tears coming from the fans." I thank you all, those that contributed to this anime, such quality, such style, truly, there might not have been any other anime that fleshed out the original work so well (minus some of the fillers, but hey, those were still in high quality ;p).

    Anyway, looks like the last piercing thrust of Ichigo, not only cut Ginjou's sword, but pierced Ginjou as well.

    I can only have hope, that when/if the Bleach anime is being re-continued, it's going to be made by the same animators, or someone who liked the series as much as them .

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    They changed a few things in this episode relative to the manga, but it was still a good end.

    And once the manga actually ends, we'll almost certainly have OVA-style anime version (just like Inuyasha, though hopefully not as compressed and rushed).

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    I will say they it went out in style and class like any good series should.

    As for the end of the manga translating to anime, I'd guess we'll see the last arc as interconnecting movies, or a season long mini-series event. so there will be no fillers, no BS to hinder its epicness. but we have to wait for the manga to end most likely
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    One of the best anime's I ever watched. You can quote me on that. Yes some the fillers did suck but hey it was animated tremendously well. Am going to miss my Bleach anime hopefully it will come back in a couple of years. Let's hope Naruto steps up its game with its anime.

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