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    I got it.... for the LoLz Challenge

    I am just doing this for fun, I posted this a long time ago and I though it was pretty good, I think it would be awesome if people would come up with funny or derp versions of events in Naruto, funny endings, funny relationships etc.

    I came up with this in response to the Naruto/Sakura/Hinata love triange thread....
    my best response....
    Quote Originally Posted by paulbee View Post
    ..............(Paulbee is speechless for first time in 3 Decades )
    I challenge someone to come up with something better or make something new and original

    ok... so I am gonna put this out there, now you can take it or send it back, but its my own guess as to how this love triangle will end.

    Naruto- Dang.... who would have guess that Madara's weakness was a simple...
    Hinata- ummm... N-Naruto-kun?
    N- Oh hey Hinata... whats.... whats happening?
    H- Ummmm...... do you remember what I told you?
    N- Oh that you love me?... Yea i do remember that...
    H- Oh......
    N- Oh.... right.... Umm... see, I got this thing for pink haired girls.... Sakura has pink hair.... so... yea....
    H- What? is that the only reason you like Sakura?
    N- Yea kinda. I mean, look at her, her forehead is huge. I once heard from Saurtobi, they once asked her parents if they could borrow her forehead to be used as the Drive-In Screen on the weekends and in the theater every other weekday..... and her body..... I wish I had forearms, shoulders and a back like that. Personally, I think she is on steroids.....
    H- Ohhhh.... really, wow..... Then I was thinking.... If that's the only reason.... I c-could dye my hair pink.....
    N- OMG...... that would be so hot... you do that, and I am yours.
    H- Ok I will then, give me a day or so?
    N- Go then. I'll be around.... waitng
    (Hinata leaves in a hurry, Sakura shows up a few minutes later)
    Sakura- Naruto.
    N- Sakura.
    S- Umm... why did I see Hinata buying pink hair dye?
    N- I have no idea.
    S- OMG. you told her to dye her hair didn't you?
    N- Yea so what? I like Pink hair girls.... I use to like you but God, ever since I came back from training with Jiriaya, in 2 years time, you turned your hot body into Guy Sensei... and ripped and buff.... God.... are you on steroids or something? Look at Tsunade, she is old as fu*k but She is still so hot...
    (Sakura in a fit of unbridled rage punches naruto in the face, killing him instantly and moments later, a Pinked Haired Hinata shows up and see Naurto's dead body)
    H- Naruto-Kun!!!! What happened?
    S- Nothing...
    H-!!!! You killed him didnt you?!?
    (Sakura doesnt say anything.... but she looks at Hinata with pink hair.... thinking she is hot now)
    S- Say... now..... Hinata... Nice hair
    H- Hey... yo.... I dont swing that way.... whaaaaa
    (sakura picks up Hinata and takes off to some unknown location for several sexy days)

    End of the Love Triangle

    Thoughts? Hate? Sexy Time ideas?


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    hahahaha love it!

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