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The Espada were more human-like because of the Arrancar process they went through, not because they were Vasto Lorde. If Halibel was called a Vasto Lorde before Aizen, then we can conclude that at least the top 3 Espada were all Vasto Lorde before the Arrancar process(which made them stronger). The Espada Arrancar > Vasto Lorde.

Grimmjow was the #6 espada and was not a Vasto Lorde before Aizen. He looked like this:

Not humanoid.

I can't remember if #5 Espada, Nnoitra Gilga was ever shown in his adjuchas form, but I imagine he would have looked almost humanoid but more like a praying mantis.

I think the #4 Espada, Ulquiorra Cifer, was not a Vasto Lorde before Aizen, but he was able to access it afterwards. This is when Ulquiorra said something to the effect of "even Aizen doesn't know about this" or whatever he said.

10 Vasto Lorde = Soul Society dies.
3 Vasto Lorde = Good try, but not enough(which is what happened in the manga).

The only exception to the humanoid/size/power theory is Yammy. I would say he would have been close to Vasto Lorde but was unable to condense his power down to make it more potent. He reminds me of a more powerful gillian. I would guess that Yammy was a hollow that took to the arrancar process at a near perfect level and increased his power by a LEAP. This could explain why he seems to be a moron and lacks battle prowess. Also, this could be why his power leaps by so much when he releases.
But you seem to forget that some adjuchas were humanoid, for instance Shawlong. We've also seem scrub hollow appear as humanoid. If you think a murloc in WoW is humanoid (and yes, it's classified as such in game), then Fishbone-D (first hollow to appear in the manga) is humanoid and hey, it got arms and legs. It just looked it was fused with a fish.

This is exactly what I'm saying - it can't just be a matter of appearing humanoid but more or less human. Many people think Ulquiorra is a VL based on his pre-arrancar form in Unmasked, even though in theory he looks as humanoid as Shawlong. It is therefore likely to assume that if Hitsugaya's words were true, then an actual VL must look very similar to that of a human.