No. Helmeppo is Zoro's Coby. Tashigi is a female that Zoro has zero interest in to fight. I wouldn't be surprised if Zoro straight up destroys her sword in the first attack to stop her from fighting him. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if he breaks her sword without using his. Yeah, I'm underestimating her, but when Zoro's basic attack can cut a pacifista in half; of which two years ago made a challenge for a Rear Admiral, Captain Tashigi doesn't have the slightest of chance with Zoro. The only thing she had to survive from Zoro two years ago was his unwillingness to fight her, and with how sadistic he has gotten since then....

Tashigi wouldn't be a problem for Zoro. Law on the other hand would put up a better fight but only because of his devil fruit. Not that Zoro would, but as long as Zoro can remain outside Law's room, He can't be touched. Law relies too much on his room to develop a ranged sword attack(yeah, all ranged attacks he's made are do to his room's ability). Inside the the room would be a different story, but Zoro's endurance and stamina still makes him the winner being that although Law can move and teleport zoro all around the room, chances are Zoro's too tough to be cut clean through(as seen in his fight against Mihawk and Mr 1).

Now the one who I want to see fight Law isn't Zoro, or Sanji, or even Luffy. The one who I want to see fight Law is Chopper. Chopper is the only one who has no bonus over Law and thus the only true underdog against Law. Sanji, Brook and Luffy have speed and Luffy can attack at a distance, Nami and Usoppe are ranged area effect fighters, Franky is both ranged and has a stronger than steel body, and Robin has her super Shadow Clone Justu.

Dr. vs Dr.
Medicine vs Surgeon.

*This is all based on Law only being able to cut things he could physically cut through without his room power(being that's all we have ever seen him cut).