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    I guess it's possible Nawaki might have had the potential to use the Mokuton, but he had barely ever seen battle before he died. How would Oro have known to look out for him in particular? Presumably, not even Hashirama's direct descendants (Nawaki and Tsunade's mom/dad, whichever was Hashirama's child) possessed the mokuton. Also, if Nawaki really did have the bloodline limit, why would Oro kill him? He could have took him under his wing like he did with Anko, while collecting information.

    Even though the idea of Oro killing Nawaki is plausible, it's hard to fit such a fact into the story in a way that doesn't seem forced. After all, Tsunade's likely fighting her last battle right now, and story-wise, she'd have to discover this fact if it's going to mean anything for her character.

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    that element of the story may come up during kabutos confrontation with the brothers, theres a chance nawaki was raised and brainwashed by Oro

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    Quote Originally Posted by zeroLT
    The basic idea is that, because Hashirama corpse would have been to far decayed to extract anything useful,
    And this would be where I would say you were wrong. We learned the requirements for the Edo Tensei technique from Kabuto which stated that enough of the "Blueprint" of the individual (aka. DNA) was needed in order to summon said individual. And we know for a fact that Oro summoned the 1st during his fight with the 3rd Hokage. So in light of that, it's clear that Oro had gotten enough of Hashirama in order to experiment with. So there was no need to jack the body of a kid (Nawaki) who showed no signs of ever being able to use Mokuton in the first place before he died.

    Also, given that before the time of his fight against the 3rd, he experimented on Danzo with the 1st's cells, it's highly likely that Oro was in possession of Hashirama's DNA for a long time. At the very least, before he abandoned Konoha. And think about it, if Oro really had used Nawaki's DNA on Danzo, it would be Nawaki's face on his chest, not the 1st's. They're part of the same bloodline but their DNA is not the exact same right down to the last chromosome. So Hashirama's face won't come from Nawaki's DNA, or else some weird shit be goin' on.

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    ^ Yet you have to admit that from all the kids Oro tried to infuse with Hashirama's DNA/Mokuton, Nawaki would have the highest chance to come out of it alive, don't you think ? I can see Oro faking his death and abducting him to try it on Hashirama's descendant, but that probably failed as well and so Oro changed his approach, yet there was one that survived it.

    Was Yamato lucky to have similar genes to Hashirma ? Is he in truth a descendant of Hashirama ? Or has someone else infused him with something beside what Oro did ? Who knows, perhaps Yamato's/Teznou's (so what is his real name anyway ?) and Nawaki's story was similar to Kakashi's and Obito's, were one gave part of himself, so that at least one could survive ?

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    Holy sh*t i just discovered this thread and i must say i find it very exciting

    Nawaki might very well be zetsu, black, white or original of both!

    Lets assume for a moment the unknowns are true, that nawaki is compatible with hashirama's cells and would have awoken mokuton power as he was growing up. The very fact that kabuto and tobi used yamato to power up the zetsu clones in hashirama's lotus mazou means you do NOT have to be hashirama himself or direct clone to interact with the mazou and zetsu process, merely a cellular compatibility is needed!

    I used to think zetsu was a clone of obito in order to heal and reconstruct his damaged body with hashirama cells. They had same hair length, same hair style, and after finally seeing obito's face from the destroyed mask, zetsu and obito had same nose and nearly identical faces. Obito's flashback to old man madara shows madara was already growing zetsus from the lotus mazou. It could be he only began growing zetsu the moment he realized he needed to do something to save the injured boy he just found and that was the answer he created then and there.

    OR it could mean zetsu predates obito's injuries for a long time and is in fact a nawaki based entity. Why? Because the original zetsu bodies are partial bodies and so far appear to have had a primary purpose to heal and/or replace body damage. Nawaki is the other person besides obito to have had injuries extensive enough to the point an entire half of his body was in need of extreme mending.
    Zetsu at this point could then be said to resemble nawaki (and let's face it, zetsu looks nothing like hashirama for supposedly being his clone)

    This means that either orochimaru had stronger ties to madara to have supplied madara with nawaki stuff or theory should be changed to madara+nawaki if madara obtained nawaki first hand.

    Furthermore, nawaki was hashirama's grandson. I think this means obito is madara's secret grandson. It's perfect poetic symmetry for madara to have used their grandchildren equally in his scheme and MAKE BOTH BLOODLINES ONE BEING. If zetsu is or was from nawaki then those cells in obito's body means you have a crude version of 2 of the 6 paths as one.

    *nawaki and obito, grandsons of hashirama and madara.

    *nawaki and obito, supposedly died from massive damage to more than half their bodies.

    *nawaki and obito, both revitalized and healed by madara's intervention using hashirama's powers.

    *nawaki and obito, final 2 members of akatsuki

    *nawaki and obito, both having equally silly and dubious claims of being their grandfather or claiming their grandfather's power.

    *nawaki and obito, obito retains the left side of his body (mostly) and nawaki retains majority of his right side. Nawaki is the original white zetsu because white zetsu hasn't used wood power like black zetsu but instead has plant like structures and manifestations on its body, which indicate a derivative of hashirama 's mokuton a grandson might have but it isn't exactly same, has subtle difference? Obito used space time techniques that minato said only madara was capable of. Did madara use space time techniques the manga hasn't shown us yet? If he did then obito's jutsu would be a derivative but not exactly the same, subtle difference?

    I love this thread
    Obito is Tobirama's great grandson. The proof is in the pudding.

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