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Thread: Death Note

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    Did i say Higuchi was on Light's side? no? ok lol Oo
    We were talking about pawns who got their own decisions, because Higuchi is still a pawn in Light's plan, even if Higuchi acted for himself.

    yes he has given orders to Takada and Misa, like he did too to mikami through takada. Yes mikami acted on his own but Light can't prevent that. Like he can't prevent if wether misa or takada do something on their own or not, because they have a will, they are not some brainless zombie. I mean they could have done the same mistake that did mikami, the opportunity to help kira on their own never came to them. (although i do remember misa acted by herself for kira). That's why i don't see a difference between mikami and the others, on the question of being at the mercy of the pawns' success. It's just that Mikami had more freedom because Light couldn't watch him or give direct orders anytime.

    The mangaka's point here is that don't get cocky because even with supernatural powers you are still human
    That's a bit naive and simple. I think throughout the manga the author mostly wanted to talk about some moral concerns, justice questions, that nothing is just wrong or right, society problems, criticism of Japan, i don't know. But mainly, he tells a story ;^)

    PS : i'm tired too, our discuss is kinda going repetition. xD
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    light had an ego problem, he believed that he was the only one that could stop evil, this prevents him from hiding behind a monotheistic judaio christian god.

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    I just finished the anime and the two part movie. I loved Death Note, was very good plot, but the anime should of ended with 'L'.

    I'm not a fan of live action movies, but Sayu was beautiful. When I seen her, I suddenly started liking the movie. Misa was pretty as well, but definitely no comparision to Sayu :p.

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