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    Arrancars can bankai and maks but have holes. Qunicies have bows but no masks. I think Ivan and crew is something new. But I'm more interested in how they can steal other shinigamis' bankai. Perhaps Ivan can't get Ichigo's bankai because Zangetsu no longer resides in it?

    Also, it is interesting how Quincies have that little necklace thing just like a foolbring. Perhaps it all ties in together and Kubo wasn't trolling us after all.

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    GAI SENSEI 4 HOKAGE bankai's Avatar
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    is there bleach this week ?


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    Orange toad summoner Uzumaki_Tim's Avatar
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    I'm gunna say no...
    from mangastreams spoiler issue
    Quote Originally Posted by FenixMarco View Post
    Hey scotty can you make a thread of How much milk Brooke drinks?
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    Been a while since I posted last, but got 4 pages into the thread and thought to point out it's all the same points going back and forth.

    It's the last arc and some stuff is still to come out. IE, the Royal Gaurd, the Soul King and Vastolordes. To me (and sorry if anyone said in last 5 pages) but I don't believe the Vandenreich are Quincies, at least not as we know them. My reasoning being (and may be going with translation errors here) is that Quincies use Reiatsu around them not from inside them, so no Bankai.

    My theory is that they could be Vastolordes. Setting of base seemed somewhat Heuco Mundo, variation of a gargantua (shadow) taking them away. It's a stretch, but a plausible one to myself because as I recall, if a personality is strong enough they take control in a Menos Grande and become a Adjuchas and that personality remains intact thereafter. If after all that, the personality that took over happened to be a Quincies, what stops them from utilizing their previous abilities and that gained as a hollow? Add that Vastolorde + Quincy + Bankai = End boss where Royal Guard and Soul King are revealed.

    Most major loop holes tied up there, but I won't hold my breath on being accurate until proven otherwise but it's better than the squabbling that went back and forth on first 4 pages of this thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by guy View Post
    Perhaps Ivan can't get Ichigo's bankai because Zangetsu no longer resides in it?
    if thats the case ichigo wouldn't be able to bankai in the 1st place

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    Quote Originally Posted by bankai View Post
    is there bleach this week ?
    no, no bleach this week. bleach 485 will be released next week.

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    i think that those new enemies are quincy, but not just any quincy, because, as we all know, uriou is the last LIVING quincy, and by the pendant that dude fighting ichigo was wearing and by the mask he had, ill bet he was originally a quincy, then they got killed by the SS, BUT!!! my theory is that instead of dieing and have their soul recycle and stuff, they were moved to heco moundo,aka the hollow world, and one of the quincy power is to absorb raishy from their sorrounding, so it could be the quincy evolved to a quincy-hollow thing, but thats not all, after that (taking in fact there was like 50 years or so being dead) they broke the barier between hollow and shinigami, thus having the power of quincy, hollow and shinigami, i know its crazy, but thats the only explanation i can give

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    the bankai power came from ichigo itself, after all, zangetsu is a materialized form of ichigo power.

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    Serial Killer Next Door LeaT's Avatar
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    Apparently the reason for the delay this week is because Kubo has been suffering quite a nasty influenza, which has been deciphered by those that can read what he writes on twitter. It hasn't been explicitly stated but we know that he's been to the hospital among other things.
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