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Those other quincy don't have Zanpaktou either, and it is never stated that you can only use Bankai if you have Shinigami powers, only that some Shinigami can use Bankai, so stop acting like you have everything figured out. And I admit what I'm saying is unlikely, but thats still no reason for everyone to snap at me.

Vanderich is a faction name, not a species. And I see you still haven't seen one of my later posts.
what RVD said is correct you need a zanpaktou to have bankai (basic requirements). is a katana gonna present itself in front of Ishida claiming its a zanpaktou then boom he has bankai? stop being foolish and open your eyes as much as that would sound good in your twisted world its never gonna happen and remember i said this because when this arc is over and he still doesn't achieve bankai i will make sure you remember this conversation

vanderich is a faction name same way quincy is a faction name quincy aint a new race of species neither so address them by their correct name and refrain from calling them quincys

ps i'm not using assumptions as proof I'm using FACTS as proof