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    Damn your coherent thoughts im ginna be late! And yes i do, when i get the chance in an hour or two ill sit down and post my thesis paper on that which is coveted within.

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    Lol for maybe these guys r just fullbringers made good u know? like guys that managed to gain access to all 3 areas of power n kubo was just doing his usual trolling of all of us. n that dude looks a hell lot like zangetsu if u ask me, though im pretty sure its just a coincidence.

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    I love you people

    I registered for this forum because of this conversation and wow.
    So really people. attacking Aggeroff for having an open mind. Its bleach you fools. I love how you are all stating facts like you wrote the storyline and created everything. You didnt so stfu. You can waste your life and be a loser and watch every episode 100 times each and you still won't know everything. So what you say as fact is nothing more than just yet another worthless opinion (and this is the only real fact youll hear all day) I don't know whats going on. And Neither do any of you. And btw im German and Vandenreich is just a name of a faction like Hitlers 3rd Reich. It may or may not be the name of a new species/hybrid. Again I dont know and NEITHER DO YOU so shut it and keep reading because you might be wrong and I might have to come back and laugh . Have some open minds people and stop attacking others because their vews are different.

    Have a nice day party people.

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    Has there been a translation for vaden reich yet? Cursory check on google for vaden puts it as an old high german (norse-germanic) word rooted in vad, or wad, meaning shallow stream or ford. So... River/ford realm/kingdom/alliance?

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    Quote Originally Posted by asurako13 View Post
    Has there been a translation for vaden reich yet? Cursory check on google for vaden puts it as an old high german (norse-germanic) word rooted in vad, or wad, meaning shallow stream or ford. So... River/ford realm/kingdom/alliance?
    go check the previous chapter discussion, It's only about 3 pages of posts! I even checked my old german lessons, and there is no proff for "Vanden" having any special meaning! IDK but Kubo mightb go with the 3rd reich theories, since he naver seemed to care much about historical correct backgrounds when using foreign languages for his characters!

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    Wasnt , Bankai just the complete unsealed ability of a Shinigami :| ?? So why the fuck shouldnt quincis not be able to do that ?! Theyll probably even dont knew that they were able to before getting nuked by the Shinigamis , yu no a long time passed since "today".

    + Im German , too and never heard of smthn like the Vandenreich lulz

    + lol another "evil boss" who slashes of the arm of an underling :| .. nuthin new here

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    doing your mom
    I think those people are the royal guard


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    Quote Originally Posted by In your head!!! View Post
    + lol another "evil boss" who slashes of the arm of an underling :| .. nuthin new here
    This time, the main villain is a pacifist that wants to avoid fighting and bring peace, on the other hand everyone until now was open for war and violence, even though everyone from the new and old villains did the same thing... I guess in Kubo's mind, pacifist are pretentious violent people :p.

    The main boss doesn't seem to have any mask, plus he has a black coat and looks similar to Zangetu, who is similar to Ishin, which means that he might turn out to be Ishin's brother !!! At least this would give Ishin a reason to explain about his past and family. This would explain as well the relationship between Ryuken and Ishin, if Ishin's brother have mingled with the Quincy -> Ryuken's Sister ? Does the new villain wear glasses, because it's a little hard for me to tell ?

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    Members of the vanderich are/ were likely residents of soul society staying under the radar for years planning and plotting a coupe de tat. That should explain this If one of the members is a scientist it would serve as a base explanation as to how and why they are able to seal bankai. The question then would be, "Can they obtain this knowledge by studying a mere shinigami OR by studying a shinigami who can use bankai?"

    Team Vanderich is without a doubt a team of quincy's. Too much evidence points to rule out that being a fact.
    Their weapon
    The way they dressed compared to ishida

    The biggest evidence of all would be the REASONing in creating technology that seals bankai. Only the Quincy would have the logical means to do so. Now let's look at the Quincy history...

    Quote Originally Posted by Quincy History
    The Quincy were scattered all over the world at one time. They were relatives of magic hunters who specialized in the war against Hollows. All the Quincy were destroyed by the Shinigami over 200 years ago in order to prevent the destruction of the world.Shinigami govern the souls between the Human World and Soul Society, which maintains a balance that if not kept would result in the mutual destruction of both worlds. All souls, including Hollows, are subject to the Shinigami governance of maintaining the balance. Quincy completely extinguish Hollows. Thus the souls that come to the Human World do not return to Soul Society and therefore the souls would increase only on the side of the Human World. Meaning, the Human World becomes heavy in souls causing Soul Society to spill over into it; mixing life and death. The ultimate result would be the end of the world. Since the origin of the Quincy, many years passed with Soul Society trying to appeal to the Quincy that the handling of Hollows should be left to the Shinigami. The Quincy refused to accept the situation. As time went on, the number of Quincy increased and the cycle of souls became more unstable, forcing the Shinigami to reluctantly wipe out the Quincy in order to maintain the balance of the world.
    The highlighted text explains the reasoning behind "THIS!"... This work is without a doubt the work of quincies. Mayuri mistakingly ruled out quincy being capable of completely extinguishing hollows mainly because they supposedly became "extint" over 200 years ago and he wasn't even a captain at the time. But history clearly states this ability and what would be the dangers of it. That is exactly what is happening right now!

    The 5 day time limit is not a prepare warning, it is when they will be most vunerable because the plot of killing hollows and spilling SS over into the human world will be complete! The idea is to cause a major catastrophe while doing war at the same time. Without their bankai the plan is at glance a 100% success... However, it is evident that Ichigo's power cannot be sealed and i would like to say the same for Kenpachi as his reiatsu is enormous.

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    add ShinjiUrahara (PS3 only)

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    Minus two arms this chapter.
    It seems in the upcoming war their main weapon will be removing the bankai of the captains (or maybe even absorbing them).

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