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We need a Logia type for a new crew member.. I thought that a botanist would be the new crew member because well Usope would run out of seed ammo things... anyways i wonder if the sunny has a sun room for those plants. I would like to see Jiembe join the SHP and maybe someone from a sky island.. Or an Ex-Admiral of the marines if you know what im saying!!!!!
There's no way a admiral class guy (much less Aokiji, who's has a strong logia) is going to join the SH's ... Also, I remember 1 time chopper was on the deck of the ship drying out medical plants, so I doubt the Sunny has a sun room.

I agree it would be cool for them to get a Logia, so long as its not a dominant one, I thought Caribou's Logia would had been cool but since he didn't join on Fishman Island there's virtually no chance of that. Lastly I was under the impression Usopp was basically a botanist - since he uses plants as a primary weapon he must be able to make more.