View Poll Results: Which dial is your favorite and the most useful to you in real life? Take your pick!

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  • Jet Dial

    13 24.07%
  • Flame Dial

    7 12.96%
  • Ball Dial

    1 1.85%
  • Milky Dial

    3 5.56%
  • Flavor Dial

    1 1.85%
  • Axe Dial

    4 7.41%
  • Impact Dial

    10 18.52%
  • Reject Dial

    12 22.22%
  • Flash Dial

    1 1.85%
  • Others

    2 3.70%
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    One Piece Dials of Skypiea-10 choices, 1 dial, which type of dial would you pick?

    The dials of Skypiea - convenient, useful, efficient, practical, portable, flexible and all powerful. From daily chores to sky combat, the dials of Skypiea covers them all with great efficiency. They are the pinnacle of Sky Island technology, the tools of god.

    There are 15 types of dials in known existence:


    * Vision Dial: This dial has the ability to absorb images and "reflect" them as photos.
    * Breath Dial: Produces a burst of wind; larger ones can be used for powering vehicles such as the waver. Smaller Breath Dials can also be used on footwear to give a user improved jumping and help the wearer travel around faster.
    * Jet Dial: This dial causes increased acceleration by releasing the air in one quick and powerful burst and works similar to the Breath Dial. It can be strapped to the forearm to allow a user to throw an accelerated punch before the enemy even knows what hit them and Wavers equipped with this Dial are exceptionally faster than Breath Dial Wavers. The creature that made these Dials became extinct hundreds of years ago, making these Dials quite a rare sight today. They used to be found in Bilka, Enel's homeland which was destroyed.
    * Heat Dial: A dial that produces heat. Used for cooking and heating up weapons.
    * Flame Dial: A dial that absorbs and releases flames, not to be confused with the Heat Dial.
    * Lamp Dial: This dial produces light and therefore is used for lamps.
    * Tone Dial: A dial that is able to record and replay sounds spoken into it.
    * Water Dial: Though not seen, it is presumably used to absorb and release water.
    * Ball Dial: This dial releases a puff of cloud that forms into a ball shape upon being released that can be sat or stood on. Apparently they can be filled with weapons, animals and other things.
    * Milky Dial: A dial that produces a trail of clouds that can be used to travel on by Breath Dial-related vehicles. It can also be used to move the user up into the air, like a rocket, although it is not effective as the Breath Dial for general movement.
    * Flavor Dial: This dial can store smells and aromas, along with other types of gas such as explosive ones.
    * Axe Dial: A rarer dial not found on Skypiea itself, it is used by Enel's enforcers. It has the power to absorb and reflect slices. A shield cannot protect against these slices.
    * Impact Dial: A dial that works by absorbing the impact from a force colliding with it. The stored energy can then be released in a powerful blow. Used mainly for fighting where it is normally attached to the hand with string, bandages, or a glove. Just like the Reject dial the user of a Impact Dial feels some of the dial's force as it releases its power, however unlike the Reject dial, the Impact Dial although can painful to use is not deadly, only inflicting force equal to the absorbed impact onto the user rather than 10x said force.
    * Reject Dial: An extremely rare Dial. it is 10 times stronger then the Impact Dial, but its increased power means it is deadly to the enemy and the user alike.
    * Flash Dial: Works in the same way as a Lamp Dial, however unlike the Lamp Dial it produces light in a quick and bright flash. In battle it can be used to blind someone for a brief moment of time, allowing the user to strike their foe when they are recuperating.
    I, myself, have picked 9 of the most practical dials and submitted into the polling system.

    HERE IS MY QUESTION: If you have a chance of OWNING just ONE single dial out of the 9 in the poll, which one would be your pick?

    Please feel free to comment.

    - In case you haven't noticed, I have a tendency of making polls.

    - The weaker version of Flame Dial: Heat Dial and the weaker version of Jet Dial: Breath Dial are not on the poll, since everybody will pick their more powerful counterparts anyway. Impact Dial and Reject Dial are separate since...well...The more powerful Reject Dial can fatally harm you.
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    I'd totally go for the jet dial. I mean, it's pretty much one of the few dials that we would have any use for in our modern society. Vision dial, lamp dial, all those are easily obtained in the forms of cameras, lamps and such. A jet dial however, is unique. Well, so is a impact dial, but when would you be able to use it in a practical way? Not like you're gonna be able to react and block with the impact dial if someone launches a punch at you. XD The jet dial however, could be used for screwing around, as well as speeding around on the water in some way. :3

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    My favorite is the Axe dial.

    Practical uses? Not many. I just thought it was sweet.

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    Well if thinking about practicality, the Jet dial would be my top pick (though I would probably enjoy the Flame dial and Flavor Dial just as much).


    Why don't more people read these mangas?

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    I have picked Jet Dial myself. The amount of power that dial can output is incredible. I am certain that with the proper design, I may be able to develop a jet pack using the jet dial as the primary power source. Wouldn't that be awesome?

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    REJECT DIAL for shurrr!! its so raw
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    I picked Jet dial too just because I wanna be able to fly or get around fast and stuff lol. I wonder if you need to fill it with wind like the breath dial...

    One of the major drawbacks for me about the reject dial is how it kills you and stuff but other than that I like most the others, I just want transportation ones.
    A pie in the sky?

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    Milky on clouds !

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    i picked the flame dial. i think it's the most useful (fire is always needed).

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    Impact dial! That thing is powerful. If utilized correctly, it is a potentially devastating weapon and a useful safety device. Better yet, it doesn't kill you if you use it, unlike Reject.

    If Milky Dial was usable in the surface environment, then I definitely would have picked that one. Skating on clouds (basically flying) is nothing short of stuff out of a dream.

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