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    ^^^ both of you're right, but that isnt what paul means..

    - Just like Kyuubi, all the shinobi's are born with a clean heart. Later on, after experiencing what life is, the sorrow, pain and hatred that comes a long, changes the perspective of what the real " word " is about. Some people accept whats happening and they will follow a path that is rightful for them, and some people don't.

    Kyuubi is just like Nagato; when he was young, he was all sweet and cared for his friends.. but later on; he got filled with anger / pain, which changed his perspective --> the same with Kyuubi: he was being used for almost half of his life as a tool, so its understandeable that he's filled with full hatred towards the shinobi's.

    BUT THAT DOESNT mean that the Kyuubi didnt spoke those words for his own benefit?? At that time, he was still filled with hatred against shinobi's and especially people WHO TRIES to control him. So, even IF the Kyuubi had a clean heart when he was born, doesnt mean that he had that also when he spoke those words ?!?!
    Kyuubi let the hatred consume his heart and perspective, because he didnt believed anymore in the "good hearted " shinobi's.

    Decade after decade, he was used as a tool.. so his anger and hatred is understandable; thats why Naruto understands the Kyuubi and Sasuke very well. But just like Nagato, the Kyuubi didnt believed in PEACE anymore, because of all that hatred. At that time; Kyuubi spoke those words only for:

    1. Kyuubi didnt wanted to be controlled again by a powerful sharingan user and to stay save,.. he warned Sasuke not to kill Naruto ( so he could be save inside of Naruto ).

    2. Kyuubi said those words, because he knows how the outcome would be, if Sasuke tried to kill Naruto. Kyuubi knows this, because year after year, he witnessed what the descendants of the Younger Son achieved every time, in comparison to the descendants of the Elder Son; descendants of Elder Son always LOSE.
    ^^ I said this in my previous post above.. at that time, the Kyuubi had only evil intentions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by StareIntoMySharingan View Post
    Sorry Paul but this changes EVERYTHING...

    This is the true kyuubi, from the beginning of his creation til now; what we've seen before were nothing more than temper tandrum, like the kyuubi trying to claw at minato's chakra ghost from within his prison.

    And during the konoha attack, kyuubi killed minato and kushina so that he wouldn't be put back into a prison, not because he was a murderous animal. There's nothing wrong for someone who has been unjustly put in prison to value his freedom and try to escape; I'm talking about when the kyuubi was trying to entice naruto to let lose completely during the pain invasion on konoha.

    Shame on you Paul, shame on you...
    The thing is, that's a child crying. It changes nothing. It's like showing a picture of Hitler or Joseph Stalin as a kid and saying: "They were not really bad people, look at them crying". It really doesn't matter. The age Kurama appears to be at that points I would say would equal a child young enough to cry just because he got to go to kinder garden.

    Quote Originally Posted by paulbee View Post
    Come on now guys. Kyuubi of this time in question Could not give a damn about Naruto or Sasuke. He later on after this Tried to take over Naruto, and urged him to destroy/kill everything that Gave him pain. Naruto was save only by Yondaime's timely appearance.

    Let's not over romanticize Kyuubi and forget the kind of Murderous creature he was when he made the Threat in Question.
    I'm going with you here Paul. I too would love to say that Kurama said this for Naruto's sake, what the hell even for the worlds sake. But that isn't the case, he didn't give a damn about anything but himself and was only thinking of what was the best way for things to go in order to benefit him.

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    i think you are wrong about kurama there, gaara. i would say that there are more things that speak in favor of kurama as atleast a good person at this point in time and it also seems like he respected the SO6P a great deal like you would a father which is fitting coz thats what he was but it was the constant imprisonment and being chased down by ppl that should just have left it alone that changed him and twisted the way he was, many jinchuriki actually live this way(nagato too) and many of the jinchuriki got twisted bcoz of the hatred and ill-will towards them which was the case with gaara.

    i also think that you are right that the kurama of that time didnt care one bit about naruto, and as i mentioned b4 it would prolly be bcoz naruto was deemed to be more easily controlled than his other hosts as he had a rather bad temper and would often give in to his negative feelings which would allow kurama to come out to play, a small chance is still better than none at all.

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