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it's not pein fan boys that say jiraiya will die, it's good writing etikit, basically it's been foreshadowed, and the story cant really progress if he lives, so therefore he will die. i guess not all of you have taken any writing classes, or even have above a 4th grade education with all of your "theories" that you take so seriously even if the story blatantly says that's not the way it is. jiraiya may be able to injure pein, but in the end pein will kill him and live through it. pein is the major villain right now and that means he will be taken down by naruto eventually.

you know before all this started and everyone started going off with all the theories of "naruto is the destined child" and "jiraiya will kill pein" bs i actually liked Jiraiya. but now i just want him to die so everyone that's on the "jiraiya is the greatest" bandwagon will stfu
Him dying doesn't mean him loosing, you certainly missed that major point in your high level writing classes...

Pain can die along with J-Man.

Besides things currently look ugly for Pain, at the begining I was thinking they would certainly kill each others, but at this rate, I can see Jiraiya making it alive... =}