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    The Problem With Spoilers Is That Most Of Them Are Fan Based

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    feel like all is fake to me.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yakushi~Kabuto View Post
    not confirmed

    The genjutsu is the two frogs' song, once the genjutsu catches their victory would be certain.
    The mother frog is embarrased, so she doesn't want to do it.
    The weak point is that once the sound starts, your location is leaked, so the timing is short.


    Genjutsu starts -> Ero's location is revealed -> Ero goes around to the back of the three with kagebunshin and uses a katon -> Fatty goes to absorb it -> Another Ero does a katon -> the other two jump to avoid it, but one gets stuck in a swamp on the ceiling -> So next time is one-on-one
    this spoiler is now confirmed by himajin =D
    OMG! J-Man is awesome, he already took out the two Pain bodies =D

    "I am the man who has no enemies in the North, South, East, and West... Not even in the Heavens! I am one of the Sannins... White-haired frog tamer... Even a crying baby would stare in awe... THE GREAT JIRAIYA! That is me!"

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    However, jiraiya will die at last ..This chapter will show the strenght of jiraiya..Next chapter will show the true power of rinnegan..and,thats it .. Jiraiya will die in the coming 2 chapters i guess ..

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    Quote Originally Posted by kema View Post
    However, jiraiya will die at last ..This chapter will show the strenght of jiraiya..Next chapter will show the true power of rinnegan..and,thats it .. Jiraiya will die in the coming 2 chapters i guess ..
    lol, this is what pain fanbois say from the first chapter of fight, and every chapter Jiraiya was actually more impressive than Pain

    I stick to my belief, Pain will die this battle, even if it costs J-Man's life.
    J-Man hasn't received a single scratch so far, and God (Pain) has lost 2 of his 6 bodies already.

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    i do not care who will win...
    also if jiraya really killed the two peins bodies i am pleased, because that means that he has to kill 4 more pein bodies!
    i hope that pein uses the rest of them soon so the final outcome of the battle to be really close!
    i was bored with this fight!
    i am looking forward to read the "meeting of itachi with sasuke" their chat will be really interesting and if there would be a fight that would be awesome!
    furthermore i am more curious what the rest of akatsuki are doing and kabuto-chimaru schemes than this battle....
    you do not have to say that if i do not like this battle is better not to read the manga for a while!
    i am just saying that i prefer a fast forward from kishi for this battle...
    i do not demand anything!
    i just express a different opinion!

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    Haha..i prefer this battle going on for some time .. it's very hard to see jiraiya in this strength..and also pein .. it's very rare ..

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    Yes, we should enjoy a fight of that magnitude while it lasts. We may not see many other clashes of that level, if any. It's true Pain's style is rather boring so far but Jiraiya is spicing up this fight pretty nicely. Awesome kick, giga-rasengan and triple elemental attack. Now genjutsu, kage bunshins, swamps, and katons that actually kill. Freaking awesome J-Man has a really large array of jutsu, plus is a chakra tower, unlike your fav Uchihas.

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    the fight is taking a while...wonder what the others are doing?
    guess it s the same
    sasuke heading toward the fated meeting
    naruto leading the band of fouls to would be annoying if they show up when itachi and sasuke square off

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    it's not pein fan boys that say jiraiya will die, it's good writing etikit, basically it's been foreshadowed, and the story cant really progress if he lives, so therefore he will die. i guess not all of you have taken any writing classes, or even have above a 4th grade education with all of your "theories" that you take so seriously even if the story blatantly says that's not the way it is. jiraiya may be able to injure pein, but in the end pein will kill him and live through it. pein is the major villain right now and that means he will be taken down by naruto eventually.

    you know before all this started and everyone started going off with all the theories of "naruto is the destined child" and "jiraiya will kill pein" bs i actually liked Jiraiya. but now i just want him to die so everyone that's on the "jiraiya is the greatest" bandwagon will stfu
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