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I was in slight agreement until this part.The recipes are actually recipes. He blatantly told Ivankov that he would not learn Okama Kempo and take the 99 recipes by force. I'm still pretty confidant that Sanji did not learn any non cooking techniques from them seeing his attitude towards them.
That is right. This is actually a theory of mine. Indeed the recipes are actual recipe, I do think that each master has an okama kempo ultimate technique that is based on what the recipe their holding do to their bodies. As the recipes is about creating a body through food. It might be that each recipe is dedicated to help improve a specific part of the body. Not only through the nutrients it gives but maybe on how to prepare each dish. Extreme physical activity might be needed as well. Sanji may or may not learn any okama kenpo but he would surely know the basic ground of it if he wanted to create the recipes he wanted. Sanji only uses his lower half of his body in combat though unlike okama kenpo so he might just discard at least 50 of it.

I'm not a fan of Sanji learning Okama Kenpo either but he could have a change of heart once he sees that the technique the 99 master can be actually be consider as cooking techniques as it based on the recipes. I hope he didn't copy it though but just incorporate it to his own.