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Dammit, why couldn't we see the Getsuga rape him.

In the end it's exactly as Aizen said, it all comes down to spiritual pressure. You can have the most badass kido or attacks but if your opponent is more powerful you'll get pwnd.
Right i knew ivan wouldn't stand a chance...ichigo is just too strong... but what was his purpose? i think he tried to seal ichigo's bankai or take it away... maybe because its so powerful that it would hinder their plans if he is indeed in cohoots with the vander reich...

"I am here..there is no better security than this" hehehe... greatest line so far in this new arc lol...badass yamamoto yeah!!!... there is no way they can defeat yamamoto unless they find a way to seal him... even without his zanpaktou he can pulverize this fencing looking reich to dust...and that was one hell of an arrow that hit his VC...poor thing so little screen time and now he gets "bravedheart" by giant arrow hhehehe...bleach is getting brutal and brutal lols