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Credits: Mangastream

page 1. the masked man repeats his declaration that soul socie1y will be destroyed in five days.

page 2-3. he masked man boast that yamamoto should be able to figure out who they are and turn to leave.

page 4-6. yamamoto calls for them to wait and releases a massive firestorm.

page 7. yamamoto’s attendant wakes up and says he has an important message to explain about the masked men and bankais.

page 8 – 9. ivan furiolisly wonders why ichigo’s bankai won’t disappear.

page 10-11. ivan escapes through a shadow.

page 12-13. a spread of the masked men’s hideout.

page 14. the main masked man takes his mask off.

page 15. ivan arrives, and the two begin arguing.

page 16. their leader cuts the main man’s arm off to make them stop.

page 17. the leader, a man with long black hair, says he hates war, and wants to hear their report for the sake of peace.