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    well i'm glad that moria has been defeated,the way i see it the spoiler is not fake thats definitely oda style of drawing.Maybe Oda has some reason of defeating moria so soon maybe Moria has some important role on this big event to come, and about Kuma he'll help moria out and escape.

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    I doubt that Thriller Bark is over yet. Kuma is yet to make a reappearance. Dawn is fast approaching. It is uncertain whether the shadows have returned to the hosts as of yet. In accord to Oda style, this victory would be only temporary, a fleeing moment of glory and joy. All shall be replaced by panic and despair in the chapter which immediately follows.

    I will be anticipating that.

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    oh man, Moria defeated that quick and easy? wow lol

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    I actually hope this is either not true or that there is some sort of twist to it. A Schichibukai really needs to not be taken down that fast (not that it was easily). Crocodile almost killed Luffy twice and kept coming back after getting alot more punishment than Moria has (even counting Luffys SSJ-shadow-clone-jutsu).

    No, I'm hoping Moria gets more than this. He deserves it!

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    I think it should be over. I just hope that Moria will be like a buggy type shichibukai. Beaten but continuously coming back for more revenge. A fast chapter now is what it needs to speed up the story a bit. If the spoilers are real (they look pretty decent) it shows that luffy is completely dominating Oz.

    A hit from Luffy blows away Oz. One full hit on Moria? I think thats a clean knockout blow. However yes there is room for doubt as its just hard to believe that Moria could be taken out easily. Still being a shichibukai doesn't mean that your super strong. Maybe its just the influence you can bring to the seas. How terrifying that every pirate that has come up against thriller bark gets captured.

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    finally the big guy kicks the bucket, w00t he was becoming boring

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