I guess you've all seen the footage of Madara and Hashirama from the new console game coming up?

Apparently Kishimoto has overlooked the cutscenes and this footage shows Madara doing some stuff regarding time control. Now some people think it's just an advanced sharingan precongnition. But I believe even that precognition is linked with time itself. Just in a much smaller scale. Think about it, tsukiyomi as well is doing stuff to people's perception of time. And Tobi has his strange space time jutsu as well. Space and time is obviously linked to Uchiha and their eyes. Tobi is obviously linked with Madara and it seems as Madara's EMS could have done some sort of Izanagi-time-altering jutsu to "rewind" the actual death process when fighting Hashirama. Space and time is a clear element in the Uchiha in general.

And recent rumours has it that Sasuke will be able to slow time. Now this is actually getting pretty interesting. This could be a nice way of balancing out Naruto's OP'ed speed as of now. What do you guys think? Is this a bad move from Kishimoto or does it fit? I think it fits great and this must have been planned for years.