Don't rage if there is any current thread like this out atm, I couldn't see one. But what do you wan't to see in this final arc of Bleach? I know allot of people want to see more about Isshin, and I'm pretty sure that Kubo said that we would see more of him and learn his story in this arc.

What I wan't to see is first of all more about Urahara, Kyoraku and Ukitake. It was kinda disappointing in the Aizen arc when we didn't get to see their Bankai's, but then again how OP must they bee to not even have to use their Bankai against the the top Arrancar's, Kyoraku didn't even need it against the best of them, number one Arrancar Stark. I guess that it it's only Urahara, of those three, that I wan't to see more background story from, since I guess that Ukitake and Kyoraku got a pretty basic story, but Urahara is still pretty mysterious and he seems to be pretty linked with Isshin.

And even tho I know it's not in style of Shounen to do this it would be awesome if Ichigo could do something new for once. There's gotta be something new for him to do without changing his character to much. I get the Ichigo learning Kido would be way out of character but just like he turned out to have a "second" bankai I think he should also be able to do more than just a stronger version of his Shikai technique. After all, several of the other characters have several different techniques even in Shikai, like Rukia.

So, what do people wan't to see? And why?