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Your poll was more entertaining than serious, but both at the same time. Some of the choices were down right hilarious. Direct Damage no jutsu, everything must die...I couldnt help but chuckle. Like, what does that mean exactly? Does it mean everything will die? Or just your enemies? Does this effect all organic life? If so damn, Oro shoulda never died in the first place!

A superpowerful summon, King of Beast maybe. Hmmmm, care to clarify? Do you mean a massive ninja lion? or Pikachu?

An ancient forbidden weapon, lost but found. Dont you think the series has enough to tie together. Plus, Gedo Mazo anyone? Sage's weapons, anybody? Too recycled.

Hashirama cells plus blah blah blah. F#ck Hashirama's cells, everybody else seems to have already.

Nano sized jutsu. Facepalm + head scratch + hmmmm = what????

I'd say its info...what info?.....info on Tobi's real identity. He has a mask you cant break and that info could change everything.

Good thread, btw...

Well I was going to go into it anyways so let me explain the rough idea.

King of Beasts:

- This could be some Legendary summoned creature that could be descendant of the personal summon of the Sage of the 6 paths. No ordinary summoned beast but a creature almost at the level of power of a Tailed beast.

Direct Damage Jutsu:

- A jutsu that basically would wipe the floor with everything in its path leaving only scorched earth and corpses.

Ancient Forbidden Weapon:

- You would have to look at Asian mythology to get ideas but this could really be anything. Look at examples of what we have seen like Itachi's sword and shield as well as the 5 Treasures of So6P to get an idea.

Hashrima Cells + Cursed Seal Monster:

- Orochimaru manipulated both Hashrima's cells as well as Juugo's Enzyme which is the basis of the CS. It seems like combining these two things could make a very powerful minion. It could be Oro already had the data to create things that exploited these two powers. This could be connected to the next one I'm about to go into...

Nano sized Jutsu:

- This basic idea is a jutsu that infects the opponent from within on perhaps a cellular level so its difficult to counter. Borrowing the idea of using Hashrima cells infused with the Juugo's enzyme combined into a jutsu that allows it to enter an opponents bloodstream then siphon their chakra life force and reproduce more cells.

This is similar to the effect of Zetsu's spore jutsu which grows from plant spores and creates Zetsu clones from the infected persons own chakra. Well this jutsu could use a similar method and borrow or absorb not only chakra but matter as we saw Juugo had the ability to absorb a samurai to rebuild his body mass.

Idea A:

So this jutsu could essentially allows you to grow an army by infecting the enemy and siphoning their energy thus allowing the cells to reporduce and grow into some kind of monsters containing both Hashrima cells and CS enzyme giving them enormous strength at the same time weakening those infected whose energy was stolen. This could work on both Shiniobi and Zetsu.

Idea B:

The jutsu simply infects both armies and turns them into monsters that attack one another regardless of what side their on creating chaos on the battlefield so anything that moves becomes a target.


- Could be anything from...

* How to upgrade you EMS to Rinnegan for dummies
* How to wear a mask an avoid being hit by jutsu's ( Tobi's cant hit me jutsu )
* How to control the naked Gendou Akatsuki Statue
* How to project a mass Genjutsu with a Mini Eye of the Moon
* Akatsuki's weak spot "a small thermal exhaust port" no bigger than swamp rat (lol)

You get bonus points if you get that last reference.

In any case Kishi could mind rape us all and use all my ideas at once!!

A Super powerful Legendary Summoned animal that is connected to So6p covered in an Ancient armor and special legendary weapon that can decimate the battlefield. Oh and it has been upgraded by Orochimaru with Hashrima cells + Cursed seals giving it Bijuu level power and it has special ability to infect people with molecular poison and it has knowledge on Akatsuki's plans.


[sarcasm]It could happen right?? [/sarcasm]