Oh Kishi loves to entice us with mystery and here he goes again having Suigetsu just happen upon some secret scroll laid out in the open no less in a hideout cave whose entrance is shaped like a giant snake lol subtle disguise. In any case since we know this secret will not be revealed for some time lets have some fun and speculate what it might be.

- One thing I noticed is Juugu suddenly loosing control when he happened to be near Orochimaru's cave which I dont think was coincidence. Could this relate to what the Super secret jutsu is?

- I think since Orochimaru specializes in abnormal forbidden jutsu's its fair to say this secret jutsu is probably something along those lines.

My theory:

- I think rather than some huge dangerous type thing its something small with large are of effect. I'm thinking something along the lines of Nano-sized Cells infused with the Curse seal which can enter then enemies bloodstream over a wide area and infect their bodies from the inside. The Sound 4 members Sakon and Ukon where considered to be the strongest of the 4 (excluding Kimimaru who made them Sound 5) and had special Blood limit ability to merge with the bodies of others by altering their molecular structure.

I suspect Ororchimaru created some kind of unique jutsu that is an offshoot of this ability and could be compared to the Tsuchikage's Dust release or Dedaria C4 in terms of scale. Since it is a cell based jutsu it probably can reproduce itself from the living people it infects and so increases its numbers the more people it infects. Perhaps it acts like sealing jutsu immobilizing the enemies or even controlling them against their will.

The exact ability of this jutsu I'm not 100% sure of but no doubt it was created to counter Zetsu which Ororchimaru probably already knew would be a key to Akatsuki's future plans.

Well that's my best idea atm share your thoughts?