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I can't believe how long ago it was that we first found out about the scroll. Time flies, eh? And it looks like the scroll definitely was about a method to unlock the souls sealed within the Death God.
i think the dumbest mistake i made was ignoring the fact that the flashback to the moments we missed prior to arriving at the shrine; it was clearly illustrated that they were consulting a scroll with images of the death god or its mask. dead giveaway, my bad. unless we are being played and that happened to be a different scroll than the super secret one, then i refuse to be satisfied the scroll was merely instruction for unsealing the death god and that alone would satisfy the conditions to justify juugo's hermit reaction along with suigetsu making heavy contextual decisions and reasons for sasuke and the war.

the death god might be a tech used connected to much of the secret keeping as well as the most secure way to seal something.

theory, the shinigami was used by uzumaki clan to seal something of grave importance. any country or village seeking it would need to know the contract and release for shinigami. they destroyed the uzumaki looking for the technique but it had already been entrusted to konaha as the close friend, family, and ally.