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    Naruto Naruto Chapter 574 : " The Eyes That Look In To The Darkness"

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    by far the worst chapter so far this year, way too much face time for sasuke.

    on a side note: its nice to see Naruto coming out early on wednesdays like it did b4.

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    any predictions from what suigetsu discovered? i know the obvious is how to evolve the sharingan into the rinnegan, but as far as they know he still has MS rather than EMS. aside from that an ok chapter, i think we're just used to being spoiled with information and action. the amaterasu shuriken are interesting, the rookies are going to find trouble avoiding that...

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    Hey Roku where did mangashare get their update. Was pretty fast. I wasn't expecting it considering the mangastream-Viz deal and all that crap. Anyway gone to read.

    Edit: Thanks mangazone.....last time I checked they were behind so I least expected this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by almara View Post
    by far the worst chapter so far this year.

    It's like a 3rd rate prediction a fanboy came up with...chapter 1/10
    early release +1

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    Another transition chapter. I guess its going to happen soon, i thought Naruto would get some time to recover, but it looks like Sasuke is going to swan in and take on a Naruto that has been fighting no stop for 2 days.

    The scroll will just say "get EMS + bits of Hirashima = Rinnegan". News to Sigetsu and Sasuke, but not to us.

    Sasuke killing the original is more interesting as that should mean that Tobi (assuming he does not die soon) cant make any more of the clones (or himself).

    The sasuke inner monolog was a little hard to follow from that translation.
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    1) Seems Sasauke wil run into Itachi first?

    2) Sasuke's Susamoo will sprout legs

    3) Naruto will be needing that Ant-Amaterasu defense soon

    4) Gundam Wars.

    Comment: Guess it will take a while before we find out how the Kages are doing. And did Sasuke actually kill the Original White Zetsu?

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    What a pleasant surprise to get such a timely release in light of the mangastream-viz media dramas of late. The ameterasu shuriken were a nice touch. It seems like Itachi can see what Sasuke sees because Sasuke has his eyes in his sockets, and there'll be a brotherly reunion after all. I'd love to believe Itachi could talk some sense into Sasuke and tell him that his desire to crush the leaf completely goes against the reasons for the sacrifices Itachi made.
    Kabuto would be loving it if it means Itachi's arrival is delayed, more time for snakey mischief.

    And is it me or did this chapter make sasuke's taka subordinates look like total nutters? I mean clearly they're lost with out him but hopefully something interesting will come out of them eventually.

    And my take on Sasuke killing the original white zetsu (if true) is I doubt it will be the end of zetsu because during the kage summit arc the white zetsu we saw split off from his black half got strangled by the raikage only to pop up again thanks to some spores. So unless the lotus flower thing that has that copy of Hashirama is destroyed then white zetsu is anything but finished IMHO

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    SIMS for short >:] StareIntoMySharingan's Avatar
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    are we possibly getting an uchiha brother reunion!??!!??!?!?!?!?!!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?! ?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?

    it also seems like sasuke, is at least, currently planning to keep his promise of not touching konoha until facing naruto. Seriously, only naruto has any hope of reaching sasuke, the guy is in a very dark place.

    a team taka reunion would be sweet.

    curious to see what sort of info suigetsu has come across, something to do with the war? or simply something that can help sasuke out?

    team taka interaction amuses me :]
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    - We have had some epic chapters back to back but we need to see what other plots are going on

    - At least we get to see what everyone else was doing which I was curious about..

    - Karin is planning to escape

    - Juugo only seemed to have problems when he walked near Orochimaru's lair suggesting something there is effecting him.

    - Lol Sugietsu took him down pretty easy by suffocating him lol.

    - Orochimaru must have anticipated Akatsuki's war and probably researched something to muck them up.

    - Sasuke testing his powers also shows us no bleeding eyes using Amaterasu

    - Itachi is closing in on Kabuto but the title is kind of a clever misdirection as it makes it seem as though Itachi might meet Sasuke.

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