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Space Era Year 430. Mankind is at war with monsters of unknown origin. Throughout the front lines, mankind's forces are pushed back by the one-digit Type monsters, whose shields are impenetrable by conventional means. To deal with this, mankind creates the AB swords, which can cut through anything with ease. Only those with great potentials are able to wield these weapons. Instead of simply being called "Elite Units", they are given another name, one thats reflects their similarities with popular medieval figures. They are "Knights".

Webtoon from Naver

Please address this work as manhwa. (Korean word for manga.)

Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Mecha, Sci-fi, Seinen, Shounen, Webtoons

This is one of the best webtoons I have ever read, it's quite strange that no one even posted this yet ;P (unless they did, then sorry... at least I didn't find it here). This is more likely a Shounen, even though body parts fly like leafs on wind and people are reaped apart like a toilet paper, there aren't any excessive scenes and the blood's amount is reduced. What to say more ? Do you like sword fighting, mechanical giant robots, space wars and monster hunting ? If yes, then this is for you.