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^ What if he already obtained it ? What if the missing Shukaku, is already inside Sasuke ? Wouldn't that made him strong enough to fight Naruto (Sasuke always had to have less chakra than Naruto, so Shukaku would be enough ) ? If you ask me, it would make sense as Shukaku loves when his hosts are murderous psychopaths, not to mention his eyes do look a little deprived of sleep ;P.

Most likely, in the end he is going to be linked to GM. To fuse the bijuu with GM you probably need to be So6p's descendant with powerful eyes. The life energy is already added to it by the 1st's clone and Yamamoto.
Why Would Tobi, Who said he was going to do the Moon's Eye Plan by the end of the day, Give the Shukakuto Sasuke....Not that it's impossible, just Risky. But who knows, that may be part of Tobi's plan to control Sasuke...By giving him a taste of power using Shukakau, and then have him coming back for more when Naruto cleans his clock.

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Tobi wants Saskue to sync up with Gedo Mazo/become the jinchuuriki of Jyubbi.

But why? Maybe Tobi was Madara's original pawn for becoming Jyubbi jinchuuriki, but for some reason Tobi has other intentions. Meybe being the jinchuuriki for the Jyubbi means dying?

Also, I believe Saskue is going to be the final villain which means he will not only achieve the rinnegan but the final eye that is on Tobi's mask and that the Jyubbi had..(the combo of the rinnegan and basic sharingan).
1) Syncing to Geddou Mazou sucks your life force, leaving you a dried up husk like what happened to Nagato.

2) Madara expected for Nagato to Revive him, Not Tobi. IMO MadaraWanted a Victim to Sync with GM, In order to a) Reconstitute the Juubi, b) Revive Madara.

Madara Himself Would be the Jinchuuriki, That would give him the same God-Like power and Status of the SO6p.

3) Tobi's role is to guide world events toward the Ressurection of Madara, including collecting the Bijuu.

4) IMO Tobi is incompatible with the GM, because he is an artificial being, or at best a Chimera, Part Zets, Part Hashirama, Part Madara.

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I wonder if Tobi really wants to sync Sasuke. I mean, the guy has created so many layers of lies and misdirection, I don't know what to think about his motives. I honestly think he wants to push Sasuke as far as he can go, but not necessarily in pursuit of the Moon's Eye plan. I think he wants to resolve the question of which son of the original Sage of Six Paths was better, by re-enacting the fight with Sasuke and Naruto as surrogates.

Tobi definitely wants to do this too, and I think this is the Madara instinct inside him that is responsible.