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    Maybe a little.

    Just been reading around and Viz pretty serious about this, just saying don't be surprise if a month from now all the other major manga pirating sites go down. I bought year subscription for SJA. Actually pretty good. They've been doing this officially for like two weeks. They'll get better at it. Only 2 weeks behind the Japanese release, I think they might catch up (if Japan lets them) when they go on 3 week break in April. I'm hoping SJA is highly successful so Japan will let them close the gap.

    So year subscription entitles me ; able to read all the chapters that come out starting this week for whole year. And If I want to keep permanent records I'll have to buy the online volumes, but I don't think I'll be doing that since I rather have the graphic novel.

    Some notes so far
    -I want to turn off comments. I really don't give a f*ck what other people think when I'm reading.
    -Site is a little busy. It's hard to find certain things.
    -Would be nice if chapters were current.
    -Would be nice if I could just pay the damn fee and read all the back chapters.

    25 bucks ain't sh*t bet the lot of you spend that weekly on cig's and booze. And the 5 bucks for the online volume good deal too. When I buy them , they come out to like 9-12 bucks because of shipping and bullsh*t taxes.

    Here's a example you guys can try out of SJA online reading, guess you could say its the working product.
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