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    Bakuman 165 Discussion/166 Predictions

    Chapter 165 is up!
    Read it here:

    Azuki's back, yay! What is fat boy planning? He better not mess things up for my boy Mashiro.
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    L vs. Light

    Also, Misa and Ryuk-like characters sighting!

    Anyway, back to Bakuman~

    The fattie's gonna mess up the otakus behind Azuki.

    It's kinda a big deal to them if their idol's got a boyfriend.

    It's good to have the 2 seiyuus go at each other.

    I just want to see how Azuki win this battle.

    Yay Bakuman!

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    That fat bastard....not only is he plotting some played out shit, but he talked bad towards his mother. Messed up.

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