This is purely objective so dont get mad at me if you dont agree. This is all based on what i have read from and other people's predictions. The last chapter was certainly interseting as it opened up many posibilities to what could happen in the future. Here is my best guess at what will happen.
Big question number one: what is naruto's relation to SO6P? I think it could be various things. I have happened to notice something rather interesting. When you see SO6P, notice his hair. he has two bits sticking up that look like horns. Now notice naruto's hair when he is in bijuu mode. His hair also has the same two bits that stick up like horns. It also seems SO6P had a close relationship with jyubbi and later the nine baby bijuu, due to the baby kyubi's emotional responce when SO3P was basically saying goodbye. Naruto too, seems to be able to bond with the bijuu and be patient with them. I could go on and on about naruto and SO6P's simalarities. Plus, i dont think kishi has ever had something like that said flat out that wasnt true. Naruto is SO6P's reincarnate, or at least his direct descendant or something. Unfortunately we do not know when SO6P was around, which would be rather helpful.
Big question number two: will naruto get the rinnegan? I think that he most likely will. It does not appear that the rinnegan is like the sharingan or the byakugan in that it is passed down through bloodlines. We still dont know whether or not someone can get the rinnegan on purpose, though based on jiraiya's reaction when he saw pein (i forget pein's orginal name so im just going to call him pein even when referring to his childhood) had the rinnegan (jiraiya thought the rinnegan was a myth), i think this means that either it is extremely difficult to get it on purpose, or you just have to awaken it in a battle of some sort as pein did when his parents were killed. Despite the rinnegan being very rare, naruto is the reincarnation of someone who had it, so why shouldnt he get it? If he does get it sasuke is done for.
Big question number three: will naruto become the jyuubi jinchuriki? He will at least reunite them, if not become their jinchuriki. Though when thinking of who should be the jyuubi jinchuriki, naruto comes to my mind first. I also think that once they are the jyuubi, they would want to reside in naruto, as he is SO6P's reincarnate, and it seems they were close to him. Plus as the last page of chapter 572 a caption says "they entrusted their souls to him". If they did that then who else should be the jyuubi jinchuriki? I dont really know what will happen after naruto gets old and dies. I dont think the people of the world will be in danger as SO6P told the bijuu this "new person" would lead them down the right path, so i presume after 70+ years (if naruto lives a nice long life) they will be a whole lot nicer than they are now (towards humanity)
Big question number four: what will happen between naruto and sasuke? Well obviously they will have one big, final showdown. This will probably happen towards the end of the series as what better way should kishi end it? that appears to be the biggest subplot to the whole series. now obviously if naruto is going to merge the bijuu back into the jyuubi and get the rinnegan then that will happen before the final showdown. if naruto gets these powers, i think despite having susano'o and ameterasu, sasuke will be severely outmatched. not that i care as he is dispicable. (i didnt mind him until he became evil. now i hate him) based on this sasuke will probably get some kind of new power. kishi probably has something up his sleeve as instead of introducing all the powers one could aquire at once, knowledge of the ninja powers dispersed throughout the whole series. whatever this power is it better be good as the rinnegan is pretty kick ass when it comes to powers. let alone being a ten tales jinchuriki. i think the main conflict will be how the rinnegan and mangekyou sharingan affect eachother. we dont really know how they do so i think it will be the big mystery the fight answers. my own theory about the end of this fight is that (as naruto said that either both of them will live or die) both will die but someone will pull a naruto heals gaara and naruto will live. the reason i think sasuke will die is not because i hate him. he has basically everyone hating him except naruto and sakura. (MAYBE ino) he has ruined his life too much and it would be easier for him if he died because he would just go all evil again with everyone hating on him.
Fifth and final big question: will naruto become the sixth hokage? yeah i know this isnt being asked by everyone right now, but im sure the third ninja world war will be over soon after tobi gets killed. (of course tobi will die or at least run away as why would naruto die now? that would be a horrible ending and kishi is too good an author to not know that) i have a feeling tsunade is gonna die (which sucks but this wouldnt be the first time a good character died) so then who will be hokage? as of now kakashi is next in line so either naruto will do something that totally outshines kakashi's abilities, kakashi says no, or kakashi dies. hopefully it is not the latter and dont think it will be because i dont think kishi would kill two key characters so close together, but i guess its not impossible. I think at some point naruto will be hokage, even if it happens way later. Another thing i dont think kishi would do and is too good an author to think it would be ok is to crush naruto's dreams. So its not a matter of WILL naruto become hokage, its WHEN. i am quite sure kishi wouldnt crush naruto's dreams.
sorry this was so long but i had much to say. i hope this provides you a plausible prediction. like i said earlier, this is based on what i have read, so dont get mad if you dont agree.