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    the fairy tail, this chapter will have more interesting, we can think the way how to hit the other one. it's a difficult thing to them.
    and this competition is not compete their power, though team b are s level... the cometition is compete their lucky and the mind . and gray, go on, i hope you can find the important key in fairy tail 270! you are the best, that's juvia said...

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    Quote Originally Posted by cross777 View Post
    your assuming he gets hit, im not saying its perfect but all he has to do is touch some one and the game restarts. thats a smart gamble and again it sounds like a fairy tail thing to do.
    Of course I'm gonna assume he's gonna get hit. He will be dealing with the rest of them all by himself. If you think being in a 1:7 disadvantage will be a good gamble then you need to get your head check. And it's not an FT thing to do. Erza, Gildartz Mirajane etc. won't do it that way. Only Natsu would coz he's stupid enough to do so.

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