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    Unfortunately like the previous weeks One Piece, for the first in a long time, has been disappointing. Let's hope that next week it redeems itself. DIE MORIA BWAHAHAHAHA!

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    Message from the Blacknoah:

    Quote Originally Posted by aaaarrrggh View Post
    you're right blacknoah
    but i mean, in this current fight with the strawhats crew, he could defeat them in 10 minutes with this technique.

    I too want to see the end of moria!! xD
    That just proves his stupidity, or Oda-san prefered it that way. Either way, Gekko Moria does not deserve any other sort of power-up whatsoever. After what he did with my beloved Ms. All-Sunday, I want him D-E-A-D, A-S-A-P. HAVE LUFFY KICK HIS ASS TO THE NEXT MILLENIUM & BRING ON THE BIGGER BADDIES, I SAY!!!
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    Chapter 478 is breaking record in the coolness scale. For that it is no bird, nor plane, nor superman in the sky, it is a flying Oz!

    (Human form)Rob Lucci's Dourikis was 4000, an equivalent of the total physical might of 400 well muscled military combatants. Luffy was able to fight equally against him, thereby Luffy in his natural form should have a Dourikis of roughly 4000. By inserting 1000 shadows into his body, Luffy managed to acquire the physical power of 1400+ men. With who knows how many of the 1000 shadows are at superhuman level, for that Moria has a tendency of gathering powerful shadows, let's just say Shadow Monster Luffy has the power of 3000 men. And so that was the power which send Oz flying through the sky. Fairly impressive.

    Here is the catch: Moria seems to acknowledge the secret of Luffy's power up. As he stated: "Does he have transformation ability...or, that doesn't matter." There are still more than 1000 functional zombies on Thriller Bark, including the zombies of Zoro and Sanji! Shall Oz's loss be inevitable, Moria has the ability to summon all 1000+ shadows of Thriller Bark and insert them into Oz! Imagine that! Juggernaut Oz!

    Let's not forget, Shadow Luffy may only operate for around 10 minutes. Perhaps more than 10 minutes as he is not your average person...but still...there is a time limitation. Plus Kuma is yet to make a move. The ultimate outcome of this arc may be more random than any previous Shonen Jump arcs in history. I am eagerly anticipating the next chapter. This chapter was fun to say the least.

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    It's must be remembered that you must have a sheer amount of willpower to absorb as many shadows as Luffy did. Maybe Moria is lacking willpower and can't absorb shadows to his own body. And i see Moria's Enigmas is pretty weak, look great first but become beaten in the end, maybe Moria himself is not too strong on physical strength and must rely on trickery and his zombie army.

    I want to see Luffy absorbing his nakama's shadows, isn't it cool when Luffy can kick Moria ass with Sanji's technique.

    But like what Duke says above, this arc maybe will have a random ending because Oda's head is full of random things....

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