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    Quote Originally Posted by micoreth View Post
    I did not understand what "unlike within me, you will be led down the right path" sentence. They were not in the right path when they were sealed in so6p?
    my assumption is as the juubi when they tried to destroy everything

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    i liked this chapter and i liked the extra aspect of the bijuus that they are just like every1 else but simply have taken a wrong turn. I particularly liked how the kyuubi cried during the whole chat with SO6P and that they think that naruto is the SO6P reborn/reincarnation/descendent.

    also, am i the only one who thinks that the SO6P actually looks a lot like minato(and naruto looks like minato). Minato and the SO6P are a lot alike as we dont know much about either of them. maybe that is the reason why naruto looks so much like the SO6P and minato in his robe that naruto is directly related to the SO6P, this whole "Naruto is the old man's..." is going to open up a can of worms.

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    look chibi bijuus. They all look like pokemon and Naruto's gonna catch em all.

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    Now that we have seen canonical representation of a baby Kurama crying like a little bitch, the pussification of the kyuubi is now complete.

    Anyway great chapter. I'm gonna be thinking about what the symbols on Rokudo's back represent. We've seen this 3x3 arrangement of shapes here:

    I'm gonna start taking a look at all the symbols in Naruto and look for connections within the story now.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mister Death View Post
    I swear if your theories were any dumber I would be retarded...

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    The nine tails crying? C'mon this is going the way of a lifetime movie original....

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    Hmmmm ? The symbol on his jacket ? Well, the heavenly eye watches over the 9 demons, or something along those lines, I guess ?

    So, I was right, the bijuu were divided long/a while ago (and lived together), before being released to the world.

    They have grown up, does this mean that in time they get stronger and perhaps in time they can die ?

    BTW, have anyone noticed that the bijuu sit in different distances to So6p and that Kurama sits closest to him ?

    When I saw So6p's face, I was like: "huh, Jiraya ?", it's probably because of the horns and old age ;P. Anyway, he was pretty old ;P.

    Chibi-Kyubi - pro .

    The So6p's sealing is in the form of rings (as everything he does ?) and now that I think about it, the tomes in reality are filled up spirals.

    The battlefield have become a big Rinnegan, does this imply that So6p is watching this battle from the other world ?

    Be aware, because the elemental rasengas are coming , + a genjutsu one as well ? Like, you know, you get hit by it and are thrown in to an illusion ?

    I assume that the bijuu's final true/right form will be different than that of the Jyubi (what could be its name).

    This chapter pretty much confirmed that Naruto is going to become the Jyubi jinchuriki in the end or at least will unite them.

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    Awesome chapter. Oh look, chibi bijuu's.

    Quote Originally Posted by arisart View Post
    look chibi bijuus. They all look like pokemon and Naruto's gonna catch em all.

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    Yeah I like the hint in this chapter that Naruto will unite the Bijuu and that he's much like the So6P (as if the body markings/pattern when in KCM weren't enough of a hint).
    So much to like in this chapter - baby bijuu, and we the readers get to know the fallen bijuu and their Jinchuuriki. I love how Naruto is still copping shit for kissing Sasuke. As much as I'm enjoying this current story arc and such I'm afraid I can only give this chapter 11/10 - pull your socks up Kishimoto-san!

    Oh yeah and the tomoe on So6P's cloak seem to indicate that tomoe in the Naruto-verse are inextricably linked to bijuu. The sharingan only emerged after the So6P had sealed the Juubi inside his body, and it can control bijuu. And the Juubi was shown to have 9 tomoe in it's eye. That all can't just be a coincidence.

    The So6P said he unlike wthin him they'll be led down the right path, seems like the uchiha in him caused him to do things that weren't in the best interest of peace. Must've been something to do with all that power in the hands of one person, if he pissed someone off or did something really unfair/terrible who's going to cut him down to size? The only thing I can think of is some chickeydee who he cares for deeply telling him that he's been such a douche lately.
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    Quote Originally Posted by paulbee View Post
    I too Have theorised before that Naruto May get the Rinnegan as the Last and True Heir of the SO6P, to Finally fullfill SO6P's True intentions in Teaching Man Ninjutsu, or To Remove Ninjutsu from the Ninja World,


    thus Destroying the Ninja Shinobi System that breeds Hatred.

    This is extremely plausible. I don't expect him to get it without help, since he doesn't posses the Spiritual bloodline, or as suggested, he may attain it through other as yet un-known means.

    Perhaps this is the way the Manga will end, with Ninjutsu being Neutralized on a level that's higher than any with seen so far?

    What a Chapter, wow! .....I'm gonna have to re-read this chapter a few times to fully appreciate it.....phew!

    This would explain Kurama's acceptance of Naruto. How could he not, if he is the one that the SO6P designated or prophesied ?

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    sasuke doesn't stand a chance

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