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    Might be the wrong place but 573 spoilers are out... no updates here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by artifice View Post

    To a certain extent, yes, that is partially why I said that I think if Naruto does obtain the Rinnegan it will not be a product of transplant but a result of some form of spiritual development. Which is how I believe the original Sage got the Rinnegan (there are obvious connections to buddist concepts present in the nature of the six paths). I think the original Sage was someone who obtained some form of pure enlightenment to obtain his abilities.

    With that said, that still doesn't go against my original statement that I think Sasuke will get the true Rinnegan or at least something very close to it. Where the original Sage represents the pure method of obtaining power through enlightenment and self discipline, Madara represents the impure method, obtaining power through human sacrifice, mutilation and distortion. Madara has discovered a way to basically reverse engineer the Original Sage's abilities. I believe that Naruto will discover the powers of the Sage by methods similar to what the Sage used himself.
    i think you are right, when naruto develops his rinnegan it will be through some kind of enlightenment like the SO6P and not through implants like it would be for sasuke, tobi or madara

    ofc at this point in time anything is possible, i dont think he will get the same type of rinnegan that the SO6P had but rather the mutated version that madara has.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulbee View Post
    He wants a Throw Away Pawn Using GM to create the Jyuubi Has got to have some really bad side effects, just like what happened to Nagato the first time he used it to Suck out Danzo and Hanzo's Ninja squad's Souls.

    I think it takes someone with immense Physical or Spiritual Powers to use it, and if as I suspect, Tobi is an Artifcial Life, he won't last long if he tries to Sync with and Use GM. Tobi has 2 problems with Sasuke right now,

    (1) He has to convinvce him to sync with the Statue, (2) He has to be able to control him once he's synced.

    Perhaps he'll let Sasuke fight Naruto next, IF or when Sasuke gets pounded to a pulp by Naruto/Kurama/(Bijuu babies?), then Sneaky Tobi will tell him that he can get more power from the Statue.

    (Smile, my friend...Kishi is throwing out Curved Balls to everybody. Whether you anticipate him correctly or not is sometimes a matter of pure luck.)
    Damn paulBee i think ur on the right track ive been watching what u say for a long time ur good at coming up with ur ideas and they make complete sense im with u 100 percent Naruto just got godlike know lol cant wait 2 see SAGEmode,kubii mode , godlikemode know cant wait for the next 10 chapters gonna tell us so much

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