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    Naruto 572 Discussion / 573 Predictions

    Chapter 572: "9 Names" :



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    Rikudou Sennin, bitches. Hell Yea
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    Good chapter, except for Naruto seeing the Mizukage, that was just strange.

    So it looks like thats a confirmation of the Jyuubi being revived, but one thing i dont understand is that if the Naruto becomes the Jyuubi Jin, then what happens when he dies? Does someone else (untested - the new Jin) be given the ultimate power in the Naruto world, what if he is a emo bitch like Sasuke? would not that defeat the original reason for not wanting 1 massive power source? to spread out the power so one dominate person could not rise?
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    The virginity is strong in this one.

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    wow, a very informative chapter after last week's action one, but i think i like them just as equally
    i guess re found out some important things, but what i noticed most was the rinnegan/uzumaki/whirlpool village symbol on his back, with the 9 sharingan tomoe? as well.
    a funny chapter though, and seeing all the bijuu as babies was adorable.
    but lets get to business, can someone confirm that the sage inferred that one day the bijuu will remerge as the juubi?
    and that naruto is his.....well im going to finish with LEGACY

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    Awesome stuff these days the chapters come out so fast there are no spoilers.

    - Nice uplifting the Bijuu blast to avoid the ground shockwave and destruction.

    - I like how he is able to speak with the Jinchuuriki as well this time.

    - hahaha he thought the 4th Mizukage was a kid but hes like Toshiro from Bleach like I suspected

    - Roshi's age confirmed 40.

    - Finally Bijuu names I was thinking kishi might just skip over it

    - Matatabi , Isopu, Kokuou, Saiken, Choumei,

    - OMG baby Bijuu XDXDXD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    - Nice jacket, SO6 plus we almost got too see his face

    - the ending was a bit too "huh..."

    Another awesome chapter!!!

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    Dat baby Kurama's face.

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    - Actually I wasnt sure if it happened last time but I guess Son really did give Naruto some of his energy.

    - So the other tailed beasts gave him some of their as well so his power must have increased as well.

    I wonder about he going to be used by Tobi at all?

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    doing your mom
    this chapter was lame and too short


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    Kurama looked so cute crying. So Naruto is the manifestation of the SO6P. I wouldn't be shocked if Naruto looks just like him, but that's a different theory/story.
    I have a feeling Tobi is going to try to capture Naruto and Gyuuki and Bee will jump in and save him, getting capture instead.
    How much chakra does Kurama has? Naruto pretty much drained him dry when he forcefully took most of his chakra, to Kurama giving him chakra to fix Madara and finally creating a bijuu bomb big enough to counter five fully charged bijuu bombs.

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    I did not understand what "unlike within me, you will be led down the right path" sentence. They were not in the right path when they were sealed in so6p?

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