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    Hey it happened again - Aizen side run away from Unohana....the hell was it just cuz she is a taichou or cuz she's the fourth bantai taichou and Aizen gave run away orders in cases of engagement?

    Byakuya is so gonna have a flashback in like 2,3 chapters.

    Mayuri is so gonna analyze Szayel's butt

    Kenpachi is so gonna have the best fight ever in Shonen history...I'm gonna collect the img of every scene of that fight to watch it in sequence when this arc is over.

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    inoue is a waste of time and they have made aizen seem to unbeatable i mean i still dont understan how ichigo beat grimjaw or y chad died so quickly without even fighting yami
    the best fight ever in shoen history will be naruto vs sauske bleach may have some decnt fights comin up but thier nothing compared to the naruto ones coming up
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    I enjoyed this chapter really. (I hace to say, Kubo drew Mayuri very good, I really love his expressions and his new (egyptic...?) look even though I never really liked him xD) and I'm looking forward to the following fights. Unohana won't fight like she said but I guess that she will be attacked by someone, maybe by an Espada or by their subordinates. But I would like to see an Espada coming... Perhaps Haribel or Stark (but I don't think that Stark would show up xD). I wonder if she fights when there's no other possibility.

    The fight between Zomari and Byakuya... well, Byakuya beats him up, there's no doubt about this. Buuut, I think that Zomari (or someone else) will surprise us.

    And last but not least... Zaraki will release his zanpaktou. I'm quite sure of it because I don't know any other reason why he's in Las Noches now. Because Soi Fon, Ukitake or Kyouraku could show up as well and it wouldn't be as exciting as with Zaraki, you know? I'm looking forward to its release ^_^ That means: Noitora's ass really will be kicked out of anywhere.

    The end ^_^

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    i don't think that Zaraki can/will release his Zanpaktou since he is sth like a machine that produces incredible amounts of reiatsu all the while.......he really doesn't need to do so.....but it would be a surprise to see......i wonder about the name and the form that his soul cuter will take........

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    Quote Originally Posted by xiphiasx10a View Post
    Of course. Byakuya's entire emphasis was on speed and killing opponents with a single, unseen attack (note waaaaaaaay back, that's what he used to clean up Ichigo when he was sent to take Rukia back to Soul Society). But this could be interesting. I wonder if this Espada will give Byakuya enough time to release his bankai. Byakuya's had experience using Senbonzakura Kageyoshi against a faster opponent (fighting bankai Ichigo) and despite being one of the younger captains, his combat strategy is pretty well thought out.
    But damn I wanted to see Unohana rip something apart with her hands... we ALL know she's capable of it. Maybe once the Arrancar that beat up Chad (forgot his name) is healed he might try to attack her, and that will hopefully end in hilarity.
    On another note, where the hell is Grimmjow? He was lying there, I'm surprised no one's accidentally stepped on him yet. And where the hell is Ulquiorra? It must have been about two hours by now. Unless Ichigo and Grimmjow didn't spend that long fighting...
    So, chapter 300 predictions:
    BACKSTORY: Byakuya and Yoruichi training chapter.
    Or, what I hope:
    Do you really think such short events take 2 hours?

    Fight of ichigo vs grimmjow was about a total of 2 minutes, it seems longer since it's all pictures... and besides their moving fast as hell...

    those other events that happened meanwhile didnt take a lot of time...

    the max amount of time that has passed should be around 10-20 minutes...

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    lemme jus say 299 was a pretty awesome chapter =P specially "that way when i bottle you up, i will be able to label you properly" ROFL
    neway, 300 i think will just be battles. i think itll end with kenpachi saying "bankai...." and his bankai debuts on the 301st chapter =P

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    great chapter...the move byakuya used was used by yoruichi in ep 42,where she made it look like she got slashed by byakuya and reappeard on his arm...pretty flashy

    and what the hell was that byakuray???????the one that went trough ichigo was big and large as hell...this one was so thin ???

    zaraki's smile is always the top....where did yachiru go to?

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    I thought the chapter was boring. Nothing really happened.

    Oh wow, an upgraded Shunpo. That's real new and original. >_>

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    page 6 and 7

    one eye vs one eye
    crazy eyes vs crazy eyes
    intense eyes vs intense eyes
    'too lazy to draw' eyes vs lazy eyes

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    Quote Originally Posted by thebulk View Post
    heh cool the other guy must suck if hes the fastest in the whole of hueco mundo n byak can still catch up with him....but im still unsure the clones that got owned is it like a kage bunshin or did the original guy really take damage?
    Not real at all. just after images left behind, which is why when Byakuya got stabbed only one sword went through him.

    Alright chapter, needed more Kenpachi or Mayuri though.

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