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    Wow, Byakuya's speed can match up with the fastest Espada??? Omg this time that stupid black Espada is gonna get pawned big time. Prepare to get sliced and diced by his SK. ^^

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    Well this fight has gone to Byakuya for sure, he has already shown a considerable amount of skill over the espada and seem to be very confident in his victory. I'm more interested in Mayuri fight, really would like to see how that turns out, like they just start pulling off body parts and beating each other with them, maybe Mayuri has installed a cannon in his mouth or something.
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    Wow, Byakuya's speed can match up with the fastest Espada??? Omg this time that stupid black Espada is gonna get pawned big time. Prepare to get sliced and diced by his SK. ^^
    Of course. Byakuya's entire emphasis was on speed and killing opponents with a single, unseen attack (note waaaaaaaay back, that's what he used to clean up Ichigo when he was sent to take Rukia back to Soul Society). But this could be interesting. I wonder if this Espada will give Byakuya enough time to release his bankai. Byakuya's had experience using Senbonzakura Kageyoshi against a faster opponent (fighting bankai Ichigo) and despite being one of the younger captains, his combat strategy is pretty well thought out.
    But damn I wanted to see Unohana rip something apart with her hands... we ALL know she's capable of it. Maybe once the Arrancar that beat up Chad (forgot his name) is healed he might try to attack her, and that will hopefully end in hilarity.
    On another note, where the hell is Grimmjow? He was lying there, I'm surprised no one's accidentally stepped on him yet. And where the hell is Ulquiorra? It must have been about two hours by now. Unless Ichigo and Grimmjow didn't spend that long fighting...
    So, chapter 300 predictions:
    BACKSTORY: Byakuya and Yoruichi training chapter.
    Or, what I hope:

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    in the next chapter i hope that they show zaraki fighting and the 5th espada,, and then the 5th releasing his sword thingy,,,,,, and nothing else


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    your mom.

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    heh cool the other guy must suck if hes the fastest in the whole of hueco mundo n byak can still catch up with him....but im still unsure the clones that got owned is it like a kage bunshin or did the original guy really take damage?

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    that's so unfair of Kubo.....he practically engaged 4 fights...when he needed 2 volumes for a fighgt between Ichigo and Grimmjow not to mention the volume about Nell and Noitra.......this is going to be never ending......!!!!!

    Anyway the Espada that Byakuya is up against...(4got his name...well he will die so no matter....) is sooooo done for since he that he was going to kill Rukia....Some Espada just don't know when to shut up.......

    Though the question that Kubo arise for a 1000th time in this chapter is the relationship between Yoruichi and Byakuya and what in the world happened.....though i'm guessing it has to be sth about her living Seiretei with Urahara...

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    I enjoy this chapter very much. One thing i don't really like about it is why we can only see the same captains to show their action? When i thought i can see unohana, the enemy withdrew. Well, maybe we only allowed to see Hitsugaya,Kenpachi,Byakuya,Soi Fon,and Mayuri. I hope i can see another captains beside them

    For chapter 300, maybe we will see Byakuya fight Zomari in full release for both of their Zanpakutou.

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    with so many "battles" open the 300th chapter will be just a continuation of battles.......nothing more nothing less.....though a feel a little sorry for Noitra that he has to battle it out with Kenpachi....poor thing.....he won't know what hit him......!!!!!

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    At this rate, i won't see the final battle with aizen before 10 years pass i think.

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